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Drive through turkey dinners and 40!

For Thanksgiving, our family went to OC and helped  prepare 1700 meals.  Then we delivered 310 meals to the small community of Luther, east of where we live.  Our family has helped with Thanksgiving day in the City for about 4 years. 





Here we are sticking labels on the styrofoam trays.








Justin is putting lids on individual cups of cranberries.





After the food is all prepared everyone starts filling the styrofoam trays.  Will is passing them out.





Jemma is delivering a tray to be boxed.  The boxes behind Jemma are individually packed pies.  Other recipients of turkey dinners were the hospital, police station, fire department, Capital Hill church of Christ (downtown OKC), Southeast church of Christ, individual families and the homeless. 





Bill drove the church bus out to Luther filled with the 310 meals including pie, cranberries, and silverware.  We delivered it to the parking lot of the Service Center in Luther, which is an old grocery store, set up to give away food and clothing from the church of Christ.  People drove through and picked up the number of meals they needed.





Will helped pass out pies.





Bill’s filling an order for turkey dinners.





After we delivered our meals to Luther we went back to OC.  Will and I went with 2 other friends and delivered meals to convenience store employees.





Then we got to eat with everyone who helped and wanted to stay and eat.





After we ate, we went to see the movie “A Christmas Carol” in 3D with friends.


Other news, why is it okay to lie on your drivers license about our height and weight?  But we can’t lie about our age.  According to my drivers license, I turned 40 over Thanksgiving vacation.  I don’t think I am that old, I really feel like I am 30.  I have friends that have recently turned 40 and they say your body starts falling apart.  I guess I will see.

I have a horse in my house.



The cousin dogs are here for Thanksgiving.  This year there is also Goliath, a Great Dane.  He just walked passed the laptop I am working on and drooled, yuck!  He’s only 8 months old, so I guess he chews on everything.  Lucky me.  Jemma wants to try and ride him.  He’s tall enough to eat stuff off the counter tops.





My sister and her husband flew to WI to see my parents.  They will be back to rescue me on Sat.




 Your welcome mom.

For Sale

That is the name of the poem that Justin recited for his class.  During this year he has to recite 4 poems.  I suggested a poem by Robert Frost, but he choose a poem by Shel Silverstein.


One sister for sale

One sister for sale

One crying and spying young sister for sale

I’m really not kidding

So who’ll start the bidding

Do I hear a dollar

A nickle

A penny

Oh isn’t there, isn’t there, isn’t there any

One kid who will buy this old sister for sale

This crying and spying young sister for sale.


Can you feel the love in my house.

A Different Kind of Classroom.

Jemma’s class got the chance to attend the territorial school house that is owned by the local historical museum one afternoon.





She borrowed a dress from a friend that was similar to what would have been worn in 1889.








The boys sat on one side of the room and the girls sat on the other.





When they answered a question they were expected to stand.




They had to stand when they were reading.  They also had to choose a name that would have been used in  1889.  Jemma choose the name Anna.





She said it was fun, but the teacher was very strict.  The teacher worked for the museum.

Who is that Man?

Is the question Bill asked me when my friend Sarah emailed me these pictures?


Marlboroman 1


This is Pioneer Woman’s Marlboro Man.  He came to OKC for the book signing.  I stood and talked to him for about 5-7 min. while I waited for Sarah and her cousin got their books signed.


Marlboroman 2



We talked about beef cows and milk cows.  My dad used to have dairy cows until he sold them when Will was a baby.  Now he has Black Angus beef cows and calves.  MM asked me how long I milked cows?  I told him until the day before I got married.  He was very easy to visit with.  He may have felt out of his element without the cows or manure around.  I could have had him sign my books, but I didn’t think about it.


Bill met MM 2 years ago at the Range Round Up, but I guess he didn’t recognize him without his hat.


Most of Pioneer Woman’s family was in OKC for the book signing.  All her kids were there, her sister, nephew, and her mother.

New BFF-Pioneer Woman



 I went and stood in line to have my cookbooks signed like many others.  I got there early enough with my friend Sarah that it only took us 2 hours and 15 min.   When I got to the front of the line, Ree actually recognized me.  I told her I had met her at the Range Round up in Aug. and she remembered me.  I was so excited.  Our mothers also share the same birthday of Halloween, so she shared with me she hadn’t gotten her mother anything for her birthday.  I suggested a cookbook, that’s what I got my mom.  She wrote Happy Birthday to my mom in her book.




She also shared with me her concern about sweat rings, so she wasn’t going to be raising her arms for any pictures.




 I  took extra batteries along in case my camera went dead.  I wanted to avoid the horrible incident at the Range Round up where my batteries did die before I met Ree and I couldn’t find any over priced ones to buy.  My camera was flashing the battery symbol by the time I was done taking pictures that night.


I couldn’t post about this earlier because I had to post about Bill’s big reveal, Halloween and then the soccer game.





These are Ree’s boys checking out the ladder at the bookstore.


The book signing started at 6:30 pm.  I was in line starting at 5:00 pm.  I heard that Ree signed books until after midnight.  I don’t think I could have made it that long.  Most nights I’m in bed before 10:00 pm.

Heart attack in the making.

No I am not talking about my diet and lack of exercise.  I am talking about the last game of  the soccer season for an undeated team. 


Justin’s 10 and under YMCA  soccer team tied at the end of their last game.  I thought okay, 1 ties not bad.  Then they called for a shoot out.  If your not familiar with soccer, a shoot out is a tie breaker where each side gets 5 shots on goal.  The winner of the shoot out wins the game.  That doesn’t sound to bad unless your son is the goalie.  Justin has played goalie for most of their games.  I haven’t been that nervous in a long time. 


The first shoot got past Justin, he was a little upset until his teams first shot also went in.  Second shot Justin made the save, his team scored.  Third shot, Justin saved the shot again, barely after taking it to the nose.  Justin’s team missed the third shot.  Fourth shot Justin missed, his team made.  The fifth shot went over the net and Justin’s team won the shoot out 3-2.


Justin told his dad after it was over that he thought the shoot out was very exciting since he’ld never been in one before.  I hope he isn’t becoming an adrenaline junkie.



File photo.




File photo.

Thank you OC students

for randomly choosing my house to rake leaves.  I don’t know if you choose me because I was the only person that was home in my neighborhood on a Sat. afternoon or you felt sorry for me because I have 14 trees.





Two of you showed up at my  door and about 25 of you descended on my yard.  Jemma estimated there was 50 students.





I know you raked up about 13 bags of leaves in about 20 minutes which would have taken my family an afternoon to rake.





Even the bags disappeared Sunday afternoon.  I had a neighbor that called and complained that her yard hadn’t gotten raked.





The only problem is, this is what my trees looked like when you left.





So if you could come back every Sat. and rake leaves until the last leaf has fallen, I would greatly appreciate it.

The verdict is in

Bill got second place in the costume contest at school.  The guy that got first dressed up as Merlin along with his daughter.  Bill said they had nice robes, but fake beards.  At least this guy dresses up every year, even though he has lost to Bill for the last 3 years.


Here’s a few pictures of our kids for Halloween.





This is Justin along with his friends at the church carnival.  He was a soccer player.





This is Jemma, Trunk or Treating at the church carnival.  She is Elizabeth, an American Girl Doll.  I made the costume for her last December when she went to an American Girl Doll birthday party.  I told her last year that, that was her costume for this year.  She never complained about wearing this costume, but I thought about it later and thought I was lucky she did change her mind.





Here she is with her friends at the church carnival.





We always go trick or treating to this house.  We have been going for 6 years or so.  Bill has had this couples daughters in class.  The mother is a member of our schoolboard.  She always dresses up, invites everyone in, and has a buffet of finger foods.  She has a lot of Halloween things inside her house that move with motion and lots of fog.





This is the group that went to the house.  Will wore a cape and mask I made for him when he was probably 5  years old.  It drug the floor when he first wore it.  I also made a cape and mask for Justin at the same time I made one for Will.  They called themselves “The Tough Brothers” when they were little and wore their capes and masks.

2 years in the making

Side note- Bill will hopefully find out tomorrow whether he won the contest or not.





I am finally finished piecing this quilt.  I don’t usually take pictures of a quilt until it is quilted, but since I have been working on this one for 2 years, I wanted to document that it it pieced. 


This quilt was a block of the month from the Oklahoma Quiltworks in 2007 for the Centennial.   I didn’t even start working on it until Sept. 2008 at a quilt retreat I go to.  I was going to work on it this summer, but had other quilts I made instead.  I was going to work on it during the quilt retreat in Sept. but didn’t go since I had sick kids.  I just decided I wasn’t going to do anything else  until I got this done.  When I laid it out to take a picture I found a hole in the oil derrick block.  I am going to cover it with one of the cowboys leftover from the border.  My friend Jayme, who has a long-arm quilting machine, will quilt it for me.  The quilt is 68″x83″.  I don’t enjoy quilting anything that big, so I am happy to pay Jayme.