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Win in OT




Will’s team won in overtime tonight.  The sad part about it is that I went home with 31 seconds left in the game.  His team was down 14-8 at that point.   I needed to get Justin and Jemma home and to bed. 





He came home and asked me to post about it.  I would love to give you all the exciting details, but I missed it.  Out of  4 defensive  plays in overtime, he had 2 tackles, one for a lose.  On offense, it only took 2 plays to score and both plays were through Will’s whole.  Just so you know, Bill was  not only the play by play guy, but also the color commentator for this entry.





Will looks huge on the field, so I had Bill take a picture of me with him, so you can see how big he is.  At his physical in Aug. he was 5’7″ tall and weighed 160 and he may be bigger now.

School Answering Machine Message

Some of  you may know that I am working full time.  Some of you may not.  Some of you may know what I do and some of you may not.  I haven’t really said on my blog because I don’t want to find out that I posted something I shouldn’t and loose my  job.  If  I could post about my job, you  would probably be laughing alot.  My assistant principal tells me that her and I should write a book when we retire.  We’ll see about the book.


I am a full time secretary at the school that Justin and Jemma attend.  There I’ve said it.  Now listen to the following link.  I hope you laugh as hard as I did.  Of course, maybe it is only funny to school secretaries and teachers.



Justin’s Journeyland Theater




Every six weeks our elementary bible classes rotate through 6 centers based on a bible story.  In 6 years they will have gone through the bible learning the major characters.  





One center is the theater.  Every week the kids put on a play on Wed. night.  They start learning lines and where to stand on Sunday.   Parents, siblings and one or two other classes are invited to watch on Wed. night the last ten minutes of class.





This rotation they are learning about Elijah.  Justin was a guard to King Ahab.  He got to play Moses, when they learned about Moses.  This picture is of the priest calling to Baal to light the alter.





This picture is of Elijah’s helpers pouring water on his alter.


Justin didn’t have any lines, so he spent his whole time on stage trying to get the light to reflect off his sword into the faces of the audience members.  Fortunately for him he couldn’t see me in the audience (because it was dark) trying to get his attention, to stop blinding the audience.





This picture is from Oct. 2008 of Justin playing Moses.








This picture is of Justin bringing the ten commandments down to the Israelites.








Justin is on the left in this picture and the boy on the right is playing Aaron.

Swine flu update

Jemma came down with it on Friday.  I was supposed to go on my annual quilt retreat in North Edmond this weekend, but I stayed home because I didn’t want to share our germs with my fellow quilters.  Some of them are much older and would take them much longer to get better.


Will felt much better on Sat.  he still had a low grade temp.  His got as high as 103 on Thurs.  Jemma’s never got higher than 101.


The good news is we are all going to school today.


On Sat.  Bill took  Justin to his soccer game.  It rained for part of it.  Bill ended up coaching the team since the coach and assistant coach got called into work at the last minute.  Bill is now 1 and 0 for coaching soccer.  Yes, Justin’s team won 5-2.  His advice to the players.  Keep running.

Labor Day accomplishment

Yes, I got some quilting done over Labor Day.  Here it is:





I bought this panel when I was in Hot Springs, South Dakota.  Bill doesn’t always let me stop when we are on vacation, but he did that day.  I added the 2 borders and then quilted it on Labor Day.


I really like this quilt because the verse that goes around the outside is Jeremiah 29:11 and the white inner blocks are different Proverbs.

That sick pig found my house.

We have an official yet unofficial diagnosis of the swine flu in our house. 


The nurse at Will’s school calls me at work at 11:30 am today.  He’s not feeling well.  I talk to him on the phone, he says, remember the time I felt really bad and didn’t want to go to  my Brother’s Keepers activity (after he had been looking forward to it for a week) I say yes,  he says I feel that bad.  I  pick him up, take him home, take his temp at noon and it is 99.6 degrees.  At 11:30 it was only 97.6, which is his normal.  At noon I give him 2 tylenol, go back to work and call the doctor and get an appointment for 3:00 pm.  I usually let things run it’s course and save the doctor bill.  At 3:15 when we see the doctor his temp is 101 after he has had tylenol.  The nurse swabs his nose, which he says hurts really bad, the doctor comes in and checks Will out, then comes back with the results of the swab test.  He is positive for influenza A.  The doctor says that influenza A is an umbrella for all flu right now, but according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) there is no other flu in OK except swine flu.  The doctor says if I want to pay $350 dollars I can have a positive confirmation.  I decide to keep my money and go with the doctors theory of positive swine flu.  The doctor also said that if anyone else in my house has a headache, sore throat, cough, body aches and temp we can save our deductible, because we have the swine flu also.   The good news is he doesn’t act like he is miserable and he hasn’t lost his appetite (although if he did loose his appetite I would save some money).


I asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad the nose swap hurt and he refused to tell me because he thought I would post it on my blog.  It hurt enough to make his eyes water.


He played football Tuesday night in Yukon.  His team lost.  He had at least 4 tackles, 2 of those were on two-point conversion attempts.

Game Day

Saturday was Justin’s first soccer game this year.  His team won by a lot.  The other team was very young.  He played goalie the first half and then played mid-fielder the second half.  He even scored once.  Only 2 other guys on his team had played with him before.  The other kids have played soccer, just not on Justin’s team. 














Justin has also been choosen for an honor choir at his school.  I’m not sure about all that entails but we will find out.

Look what I got

My husband wanted to commemorate our first date (which I had forgotten about).  So this is what he got me.





Yes, I was the recipient of one of Katie’s Cakes.  I have her book marked on the right.  I admire her work alot.  Last spring she came and did a hands on demonstration for my girls scout troop.  Ever since then Jemma is a big fan of Katie’s Cakes.  Jemma checks her blog frequently.  Check out her blog where she posted her thoughts about making my cake.










The details are fantastic.  She put 2 pigs, 3 horses and 7 ducks.  The space needle is the thing sticking up and tracks for a ride.  There is several food boths and on says fried cheese.  It was really hard to decide where to cut the cake, but it tastes great.

 We have known each other for 20 years.  Our 18 anniversary was in Aug.   Our first date we went to eat at Harry Bears where we ate fried cheese and fried peaches.  If anyone wants to know, there is a Harry Bears in Moore that still serves the fried cheese and fried peaches.  After that we went to the state fair.  We went through all the animal exhibits, but I don’t think we rode any rides.  Bill does really thoughtful stuff like this everyonce in a while.  Some of his guy friends say that he makes the rest of them look bad.  Especially when he gave me a cruise for Christmas last year.

We had the Haskew’s (our missionaries in Vienna, Austria) over last night for supper.  Amanda was excited that she got to enjoy a piece of Katie’s Cakes, since she has only been able to look at them on the web.

House Guests

We’ve had a few house guests lately.  My parents were here the weekend before Labor Day.





Here they are having a Wii bowling tournament with the kids.





They also had Wii golfing and tennis tournaments.  Bill and I were both working so it was nice that they could come and watch my kids.  They also went and had lunch with my sister a couple of times.  They were also here to see Will’s first middle school football game.




We also had the Hensal’s, our missionaries in Vienna, Austria for lunch one day along with another couple from church.





It was very cute to watch Cotter Hensal ask this big guy Will to sit by him when he ate.





Then Labor Day weekend, the guy that performed our wedding ceremony, and his family, came to take their daughter on a visit to OC.  It was fun to have them stay with us since we haven’t seen them since Justin was a baby.  They moved to Texas the summer of ’08 from West Virginia.  We were at the same LTC convention in April and didn’t know it.

Yeah for long weekends!

Now that I have a long weekend where I don’t have to work, I am hoping to get some quilting done. 


In the mean time I thought I would post pictures of my fall quilts I hung up last night.





This quilt was a block exchange class.  My older sister, Beth who lives in WI, saw this quilt when she visited 2 years ago.  She really wanted to make the quilt, but the quilt shop wouldn’t sell the pattern.  So I took the class for Beth and Imyself.  We choose blocks to make, you made enough for everyone that was in the class, and then we exchanged them at another class.  Except for Beth I didn’t know anyone else that was in the class.  I would some day like to make this with my quilting friends.





This quilt started as a lottery block quilt from the Edmond Quilt Guild.  You made the as many churndash blocks as you wanted, for every block you got a ticket.  If your ticket was drawn you got so many blocks.  I didn’t actually win, I just had a lot of fun making the blocks, so I made enough for my own quilt.





The quilt on the left is a table runner and the one on the right is a small wall hanging.





This quilt is made from Thimbleberry fabric and  pattern.  I think I made this quilt about 10 years ago.