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It all started with this.





And then the team came out.





Marlboro Man is in the middle.





And then my camera battery died.  I was prepared though and had extra batteries with me.  I only had 2 new batteries and I needed 4.  My good husband Bill went in search of batteries, but found none for sale.  I was never so disappointed that I couldn’t buy over priced batteries in my life.


I did talk her into signing her name in my program.





My mom and Jemma were with me when I met her.  So they can vouch that it really happened.  Jemma was really excited to meet her also.   I had to point her out to Justin, because he wanted to know who she was.


I told her who I was and she said she felt like she knew me and gave me a big hug.  She was very friendly,  down to earth and easy to talk to.  She visited with my mom a few minutes and also spoke to Jemma.  It was very exciting to meet her.  The only other famous person I can remember meeting and shaking their hand was Vince Gill.


Bill met O.J. Simpson one time but that is a story for another time.

Jemma in the spotlight



This coming week at school Jemma is in the spotlight.  I guess she’s first since her last name starts with A.  She choose the following pictures to share with her class.  I feel sorry for her since we have 2 days of inservice next week and only 3 days of school.  The reason we have 2 days of inservice  is because the district is having a big name speaker come in and talk to the teachers on Tues.  It’s the only day the district could get him here.  The teacher will meet at their sites on Monday and Tues. all district teachers will listen to the speakers. 








 She is very proud of herself since she can roll her tongue.











Family 2009c




New Experiences

I went back to work full time for the first time in 14 years.  I was fortunate to stay home with my kids all that time.


While working late one night, my assistant principal’s husband brought her and I supper.  I suggested pizza and he showed up with a chicken fried steak sandwiches.  I had never eaten one before.  The concept of eating beef fixed like chicken went against my eating morals since I grew on a beef and dairy farm.  I figured if I wanted something to taste like chicken I would order chicken.  Not to mention I grew up in Wisconsin and chicken fried steak is definitely a southern thing.  Anyway, I actually liked the chicken fried steak.  My assistant principal and her husband couldn’t believe I had never tried it before.


Since I usually have pictures in my posts, imagine a chicken fried steak sandwich here.  I don’t have time to find a picture.


The other thing I recently  tried was a cherry limeade from Sonic.  I always thought they would be sour, so I never tried them.  Once again, my assistant principal’s husband brought her and I cherry limeades one day after school had started.  I really like them.  I had never heard of a cherry limeade until I came to college in OK.  I had never heard of Sonic.   The closest Sonic to my parents is now 2 hours away. They are getting closer.


Insert picture of a cherry limeade from Sonic here.

Amish Picnic

When we were in WI in July we went to the county park to fish and canoe.  The park is about 3 miles from my parents house.   While we were there, an Amish family was there enjoying a picnic and the young boys were fishing.  They drove their horse and buggy to get to the park.   Here are some pictures.












We all went to school



Yesterday was the first day of school.  It was raining, to I took Will to school and then went on to work with Justin and Jemma.   Will is in 7th grade, Justin in 5th and Jemma is in 3rd grade.


Bill started teaching  his 2 classes at UCO on Monday.   He has an ex-major league baseball pitcher in his class.  At North, where he teaches high school, he has the son of a ex-NFL running back.



A Baby Quilt



This baby quilt is for Natalie.


Jemma and Natalie2



Here’s Jemma holding Natalie.

Last of the summer fun



I went back to work full time a week ago today.





Bill goes back to work today.





The kids go back to school next Tuesday.





Enough said.





Good bye summer fun.

E Coli scare



About 10 days ago we ventured to Frontier City, our local amusement park.  We have only been once before.  One of Bill’s students in summer school graciously gave him 4 free tickets.  We borrowed a parking pass and a park refilllable bottle from friends at church.





The next afternoon the news was reporting that Frontier City had shut down after we had left and didn’t open until later the next day.  One of the water samples they had taken on the day we were there had e coli in it.  YIKES!





We had borrowed the parks refillable cup and had refilled it for $1 all day long with soda pop.  I kept thinking can’t we get water instead for free.  After I had refilled it for the last time I finally found where you could refill it with water for free.  I was  disappointed I hadn’t figured the water thing out earlier in the day.  Needless to say after the news report I was very happy for every $1 refill I had spent.





Jemma is also very picky about the rides she will go on.  I think we traumatized her when we went to Disney World and made her ride everything.






40 year old American Gladiator – Sounds Like a bad Movie Title!


The picture of me as an American Gladiator a couple of years ago where our students raised $180,000+ for a school wide fundraiser. As part of the fundraiser we did a teachers versus students American Gladiator competition. I went against a student that recently was named the #3 running back in the Nation and committed to the University of Oklahoma after next year. Yes I say this because he did make me look 40 and I needed the excuse!    Click here to see the video BALTO Gladiator

Going to Camp








 Justin went to camp the week after VBS.  He was supposed to go to Camp Jam at Pettijohn Springs Christian Camp in Madill, OK.  The director canceled the session Friday night before the session started on Sunday.  He canceled it due to the fact that 14 of his councelors from one church had been exposed to swine flu.  That church even canceled their services that Sunday.  I never did hear if anyone ever got sick.





At the last minute, Justin and his two friends got into camp at Camp Impact which takes place on OC’s campus. 


I took him cookies for a treat one day and he sold them to some of the other campers.