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After my own heart



Jemma went to quilt camp at church this week.   She loved it.  As soon as she got home after the first day she wanted to pick out fabric for her next quilt.  We found some in my stash.





We bought her, her sewing machine while we were in WI at an auction for $20.  She practiced on it at my parents house and couldn’t wait for quilt camp.





Here’s Barbara helping Jemma sew her rows together.





Here’s the finished quilt along with her friend Madelynn’s.


After she chose the fabric for her quilt at Hobby Lobby, she went around and said she wanted her next quilt to be pink and brown and the next quilt after that she wanted to make blue and brown like Madelynn’s. 


When we were in SD, Bill let Jemma and I stop at a quilt store.  Jemma and I have a deal that she can get a fat quarter.  Bill didn’t know this deal, and while I was looking around he asked if Jemma could get some fabric, I said yes.  He talked her into some really soft, plush fabric.  Little did he know that it was Minkie and $18 a yard.  After we left the store I told him about the fat quarter deal and he said why didn’t I inform him of that deal.  I told him I didn’t know he was going to come into the store with us.  Usually he just sits in the car and waits.

For Sale






You can get a cute one for $425.  The puppies, not my kids.  I have to admit that selling my children has been tempting at times.  Please don’t call DHS on me, okay.


My sister is raising the Yorkie puppies.  She sold one last night after we were there to see them.  One puppy is skinnier than the other, he’s the one that was sold if you can tell the difference.

Don’t disrespect the Quilt!



I finished quilting Will’s quilt before we left on vacation, so I took it along to sew the binding down by hand.  Several times he asked me if  I was finished with it.  I told him I would finish it before we got home, which I did.  After we got home I took a picture of it and when I was done I tossed it aside and he told me “Mom, don’t disrespect the quilt.”  I guess he likes it.

Cousins, WI and friends



We spent 5 days with my family in WI after we left SD.  We had a wiener roast and then set off some fireworks.  It was cold the whole time we were in WI.  It only got over 70 degrees one day we were there.  If  it doesn’t warm up the rest of July, they will have the 2nd coldest July on record.  The coldest being 1891 or 1892, whichever year they started keeping records.  My parents, my brother, his wife and 2 boys plus my family are in this picture.





This is my dad feeding his bull and cows some corn.





This is a different group of cows he is feeding. 





These calves were very interested in me taking their picture.





This is one of my dad’s bulls.  Jemma said they were buff.





This is my dad’s dog Tobey with Jemma.





We went to a small local lake one day and went canoeing.  This is Will in the back with Jemma and my older sister.





Bill and Justin did some fishing with my nephew.  My nephew caught 4 fish, but he threw them all back in. 





This is my sister and I canoeing.  Jemma enjoyed the ride, she went out in the canoe 3 times.





This is my nephew and Justin taking the canoe up stream to take it out of the water.





Jemma spent some time catching tadpoles.





This is my older sister and me.





There was an Amish family having a picnic and fishing at the lake when we were there.





We also saw my nephew play baseball.  This is right before he hit a homerun.  He plays in a 12 and under league.  During the game he pitched, played 1st base, short stop and outfield.





On our way home we stopped in Wichita, KS and had supper with some friends from college.  Our Will is holding baby Will, and Sophie is standing in front of Jemma.   Jemma had a lot of fun coloring and playing with Sophie while we waited on our food.

Corn Palace



Yes, there is a Corn Palace.  We couldn’t find the Corn King or Corn Queen, but the world’s only Corn Palace can be found in Mitchell, SD.  The community center is decorated with corn and natural grasses.  The technique is called corn-by-number.




Bill gave me a hard time about this stop for weeks.  It was free.





We also drove through the Badlands of South Dakota.  There was amazing colors and lots of desolation.











We also stopped in Wall, SD and shopped at Wall Drug.  The store has been open since 1931.

Kids pics

Here’s a sample of the pictures Holly  took of our kids.


Arbuckle July 3 2009 014



Arbuckle July 3 2009 032



Arbuckle July 3 2009 037



Arbuckle July 3 2009 057



Arbuckle July 3 2009 127



Arbuckle July 3 2009 164



Arbuckle July 3 2009 166

More from South Dakota



Monday night we went to the Crazy Horse laser light show.





Tuesday morning we went back to Crazy Horse because they were having a special announcement and they were setting off dynamite to remove more rock.





This picture is a picture of the blast.  If you look closely on the right hand side of the rock a little bit above the tree line you can see the dust from the blast.  The special announcement was some woman by the name of Muffy was giving Crazy Horse 2 1/2 million dollars now and 2 1/2 million over the next 2 years or so.   The govenor of SD was also there and spoke.





I thought I got this picture turned, but as slow as it takes to post pictures, you’re just going to have to turn your head to see what we spent the hour after leaving Crazy Horse doing.  We traveled on Needles highway on our way to Mt. Rushmore.  We went through 6 different tunnels similar to this one, doing hairpin turns, switch backs and driving on really narrow roads.  Bill loved every minute of it driving.  I tried not to look over the edge.





Sorry, once again I thought I had this picture rotated.




Sorry again for the picture.  I have been working for 2 hours to get this post ready.


We spent Tues. afternoon with Bill’s, Uncle Bill in Rapid City, SD.  His cousin Dean also came out and had supper with us.  We had a really nice visit with them.  We haven’t seen Uncle Bill since Bill’s moms funeral and he hasn’t seen his cousin in 20 years.

Family Vacation, South Dakota



We left Edmond, Sunday afternoon and drove to York, NE.  It was 109 degrees F on the van when we left Edmond.  When we got to York it was 90.  Monday morning we drove all the way across NE to Hot Springs, SD.  In Hot Springs it was 85.





At Hot Springs we played in the Fall River which is feed by hot springs, so the temp stays 87 degrees year round.




As we were traveling thru Wind Cave National Park we came across a huge herd of Buffalo. 




And then they came across us. 

At one point about 100 Bison were surrounding our van. 





To be honest it was kind of scary and fun at the same time.


Later in the evening we went to Crazy Horse and saw the laser light show.   It was 61 degrees after the laser show. 


The internet at the hotel stinks so I am having a hard time uploading pictures even though I have a ton I want to post.

Summer Vacation Day #?

 One of our favorite summer activities is to go to the drive-in.  There is a great drive-in, in Guthrie.  The following picture is from Night at the Museum, Battle of the Smithsonian.







Hanging out with friends before the movie started.



Family Pics

Arbuckle July 3 2009 081


We had some family pictures taken last week.  I can’t remember the last time we had this done.  Bill had been on to me to get it scheduled.  One of the students I had my last year of Sonshine School gave me a photo session with his mom as a gift.  She would take pictures of all of us for an hour.  We finally got our pictures taken at Will Rogers park in OKC.  I had never been there.  If you live in the area you should go, it is a very pretty park with lots of different back drops for pictures.  Here is Holly’s website  Here’s a sample of our family pictures.


Arbuckle July 3 2009 040



Arbuckle July 3 2009 051



Arbuckle July 3 2009 100



Arbuckle July 3 2009 116



Arbuckle July 3 2009 146



Arbuckle July 3 2009 152



Arbuckle July 3 2009 161



Arbuckle July 3 2009 180



Arbuckle July 3 2009 192