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Will’s Spring Concert




This is Will singing at the 6th grade spring concert.  The songs were all songs from the 70’s.  It was fun listening to songs that I grew up with like YMCA, songs from Queen, and also theme songs from TV shows.  He knew all the words to songs I wish I could do more than just mumble.  He really enjoys singing. 




Here they are singing Car Wash.




Here he is singing his solo; there’s mud on your face, a big disgrace, kicking your can all over your face, singing we will, we will rock you, by Queen.  We tried to upload video of his solo, but we couldn’t get it to work.

Memorial Day Weekend




Sunday afternoon we went out to Joe’s.  Jemma says he lives in a neighborhood out in the middle of nowhere.





We ate, then we had a devotional.







Some went on a boat ride.





Some went fishing.





Some played and everyone got dirty.




Memorial Day Rememberance



 Friday afternoon, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were invited to put flags on the graves of the service men and women at our local cemetery.  The man in charge had planned for this to take 4 hours, but so much help showed up, everyone was done within an hour and a half.  Our whole family got the chance to serve together.




 I really enjoyed doing this, it reminded me of when I was in middle school and high school bands.  My hometown had a Memorial day parade and then a program at the cemetery.  During the program the band would play a couple of patriotic songs,  a high school student would read “Flanders Field” and at the end Taps would be played.  My brother got to play Taps a couple of times.  It was a nice way to remember our service men and women who have served and remember those who payed the ultimate price for our freedom.









Super Kids Day



During May, our elementary school has Super Kids Day.  The kids get to be outside playing different games for 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon.  They play soccer, hula hoop, bowl, golf, basketball, jump rope, football, frisby, relay races and joust with water noodles.  Each grade has their own day.  I helped both days that Justin and Jemma had their Super Kids Day.  The best part is they get a popsicle when it is over.  Justin’s day the weather was cloudy and cool.  The very next day for Jemma’s day was hot and sunny.  Here are pictures of Justin and Jemma.















Blog winner & Mother’s Day Gift




 I enjoy reading blogs.  I read friends blogs near and far, people from church blogs, people who cook blogs, people who quilt blogs  and people who have an agriculture blog.  It’s fun to learn about people from all over the country.  I don’t always comment, but I enjoy reading.  Bill calls me a blog stalker.




 Last week I entered a contest of a blog where the blogger was having a one year blogiversary.




 Guess what?  I won.  It was so much fun to get a package last week.  As I was going through it Jemma kept saying she wanted everything that was in the box.  I got some candy, a candle, cute purse kleenexes, dip mixes, a diffuser, a note pad, a mirror for my purse, a cross, a bar of soap, and more that I’m not remembering right now.




The necklace I am wearing is one of the two necklaces Bill and the kids gave me for Mother’s Day.  A friend from church makes them.  Her internet address is if you’ld like to see her other necklaces.

Dallas Trip

I went to Dallas this weekend with 2 of my best friends.  We shopped and shopped and shopped.  We left my house 5:00pm on Friday and returned early Sunday morning at 1:30am.  I would have taken pictures at the Ikea store in Frisco, but I left it with Bill so he could take pictures of Justin’s soccer game.  Unfortunately it rained so there was no game.  If you don’t know what Ikea is go to and glance at their stuff.  We were only there 2 hours but you could spend all day there.  They have a restaurant and childcare.


We also went to Sam Moon in Frisco (, Children’s Place in Allen, TX and then to Grapevine Mills Outlet Mall.  One of my friends drove and the other one gave directions so all I had to do was sit and sew individual sequins on to ballet costumes.  I’ll explain that another day.

Before and After



It was time for Butler’s yearly shave this week.  After Bill brought him home, Pablo, our Chihuahua kept barking at him because he didn’t recognize him. 



The Zoo and Pressed Shirts




Jemma’s field trip this year was to the zoo.  Bill went to the zoo with the boys when they were in second grade, so he agreed to go.  Little did he know that Jemma planned for them to wear matching colors.  So the night before the field trip Jemma picked out a pink linen shirt for her dad and a pink t-shirt for herself.  The next thing I know Jemma wants me to iron Bill’s linen shirt.  As a nice wife I ironed his shirt.  While I was ironing his shirt I thought it was crazy since he doesn’t even have pressed shirts to teach, yet his shirt has to be pressed to go to the zoo.  What a waste?  The animals didn’t care if his shirt was pressed or not.















Cute Chicks






This was Jemma during her school program a couple of weeks ago.  The whole second grade sang and dressed up like farm animals.  Her class was chickens.  Cows and pigs were also represented.   I usually help with the costumes.  All I did this year was make 20 pairs of pig ears. I made them on the way to Dallas and back for LTC.  Each class is featured during the singing with a small dance number.  Needless to say Jemma can really shake her tail feathers and several people commented to me that she could.  Yikes!

A Gathering of Flowers




I wish my flowers in my garden looked as good as the flowers in this quilt.  This was a BOM from Hancock Fabrics in 2006.   My mom did the embroidery work in this quilt.