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Ortho work




This is Will and Justin at the orthodontist last week.  Will got his braces put on in June.  He will only have one phase.  I’m not sure when he will get them off.  I was fortunate to get several of their appointments at the same time.  Will goes every six weeks, and Justin doesn’t have to go back until Aug.


Justin is done with phase one and goes for check ups to make sure his 2 retainers are not coming loose.  He looks really good.  There has been great change in his jaw alignment.  He had a bad overbite that is now fixed.

Oreo Cookie Balls, Valentine Treats



These were a few of the 2 batches of Oreo cookie balls I made for teacher treats and co-workers for Valentines Day.  The PTA at school had a Sweet Shoppe for the teachers to come and choose from all kinds of homemade treats.


Oreo Cookie Balls


1 pkg. Oreo Cookies

1 8 oz. package of cream cheese

1 package of almond bark


Crush the oreo cookies.  I used the magic bullet to grind them up, but you could use a blender.  Mix cream cheese into crushed oreos, I used my mixer for this.  Use a cookie scoop and make balls.  Put on a cookie sheet and freeze for 30 min.  When they are done in the freezer, melt almond bark and dip cookies in the melted bark.  I didn’t like my technique for dipping the cookies, so I am hopeing to improve on that step.


I got this recipe from my friend Stephanie.

My “Famous” Sisters



Every couple of weeks my sister that lives in Mustang and I get together and have supper.  We used to eat lunch together when she worked closer to me, but now she only has to travel 7 miles to work, so it is to hard to eat lunch since I don’t get off work until 1:15pm.  By the time I make it down to where she works it is after 2:00pm before we would eat lunch.  Now we just pick an evening that I can get away from kids activities and we meet somewhere in the middle.  Thursday night we ate at TGiFridays.


The same night my older sister, who is the gymnastics coach in my hometown was on TV for an interview about one of her gymnasts.  Here’s the link to the interview of my sister Beth Lee on TV.

Macy’s Quilt


 I made this quilt last spring along with bumper pads and a dust ruffle.  The pattern was the Yellow Brick Road.  I had the pattern for a couple of years, so I was excited to finally get to make it.   Some of the blocks were made with Minkie fabric.  It was a little challengeing since I usually use all cotton fabrics when I quilt.  I really liked how it turned out.


Yesterday I started quilting a quilt that will be donated to the Infant Crisis Center.  There was a work day at church yesterday for this cause.   I didn’t stay because the kids were out of school for President’s Day, and Bill had inservice.  Jemma and I went up after lunch and picked up a boy and a girl quilt that needed to be quilted.  The girl quilt has some terry cloth in it.  It is very cute, but terry cloth will stretch, so I have to be careful quilting it.  Jemma sat at my machine and quilted some of the girl quilt for the Infant Crisis Center.

Oklahoma Wind

Here in Oklahoma the wind blows ALL the TIME.  We sometimes take it for granted and sometimes we poke fun or crack jokes about it.  And still other times you can catch some locals having some fun in it.



Ice to Tornadoes


It’s hard to believe that 2 weeks ago we were sitting home because of ice. 


Today the tornado siren went off at 2:20pm.  It was very scary since I was home by myself, Bill was at North, Will was at Cimarron and Justin and Jemma were at Orvis.  At that time the circulation was over Mustang.  It caused damage on the west side of the metro and actually touched down at Coffee Creek and Kelly.


Bill left school as soon as he could and came home.  Cimarron let Will walk home but they didn’t let the buses leave until 4:48pm.  Bill went and picked up Justin and Jemma when it was time for school to let out.  Will, Justin and Jemma were in their tornado safe rooms at school and in their tornado prepared position with a book over their heads.


We just had a tornado drill at Orvis last week, so they were prepared.  Today is one day that I am glad I only work as a part time secretary at Orvis, I don’t think I would have left work on time since the buses didn’t leave on time.



Justin wanted me to post about him, so this is about him.


He decided that when my folks were here he would spend quality time with Mimi doing his homework.  He forgot to do his homework when we were iced in.  He claims he has short term memory loss.  I figure he hasn’t been alive long enough to have long term memory loss.

Missing Teeth




This is Jemma on April 11, 2008.





This was Jemma on Jan. 8th, 2009.  Notice anything different.  Oh yeah,  she’s missing all four of her front teeth.

Pumpkin Exchange Quilt


This quilt was an exchange class at the Sooner Quilt Store in Guthrie, OK.  My sister Beth saw the quilt and we took the class together.  She made her blocks in WI and sent them to me.  Then I went to the class and exchanged our blocks.  Two of the blocks in this quilt were made by my sister and two were made by me.  The rest of the blocks were made by others taking the class.   I pieced this quilt last summer and then had it quilted by Jamey Hodge.  I got to hang it last fall for Halloween.


I need to learn how to turn my pictures, so you aren’t breaking your neck to see this quilt.

More on Marvin



Mark, the previous owner of Marvin while explaining how Marvin

 got his name added that his 3 year old son was very sad that

Marvin had left.  Mark told his son that Marvin had gone to the

USA to drive on Route 66.  Mark’s son’s favorite movie, you

guessed it, is CARS.  I told Mark that we actually live very close

to Route 66 and that I would send him a picture of Marvin on

Route 66.  So when I did I explained that something odd

happened and that Marvin was changed.