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Pablo – Our new dog.

dscf2388Are  new  dog  pablo  .he  is  cut. but  for  mom he is  a  disaster.  he  pees  and poop.he  jumps  on   the   couch  and  jumps   again and  looks  like  he  is  the   king  of  the  couch.  he  likes to   go   under  the  sun  and  sleeps.  pablo  is  funy. when  we  blow  on  him he  is  funy.

Snow Days

I sent the boys out late yesterday afternoon to start shoveling the ice and sleet out of my drive.   The next thing I know they are across the street shoveling their driveway.  Between yesterday and today they did a total of  5 driveways and 3 sidewalks.   My driveway  is still unfinished, but they did manage to do one small section of my sidewalk.


School was called off for 3 days because of the ice  and sleet.  It started icing on Monday and lots of people checked their kids out of school early.   It made for a crazy day at work.   All I did was check kids our for other people.


Tomorrow will be crazy at work because nothing got done earlier in the week.


Needless to say during the snow days, Dr. Bill made one of my new years resolutions come true, he created my blog.  It is a work in progress, so let us know what you think.  You may also find posts from Justin and Jemma since they are very interested in this blog.  They follow some of the blogs, on our favorite blogs list regularly.


In other news, my parents our coming to visit us this weekend from Wisconsin.  They like to get away from the deep freeze, everyonce in a while and enjoy the balmy weather here in Oklahoma.    So I had lots of time to supervise the kids cleaning the house during the snow days.

We are now Bloggers!

We hope that this is the start of a great thing. Let us know you visited.