A win for Marvin and the pigs



Sat. was the 1st Swine Week Car Show.  Bill and Will decided to enter the mini in the show.  We debated about what category to enter the car in.  The categories were truck, classic, muscle, exotic and another one I can’t remember.  We decided to enter the exotic category.

Swine Week is actually several months of raising money for  a charitable cause that culminates the week before spring break. Each high school in Edmond has a designated week for fund raising.  Swine Week is donating their money to Limbs for Life.


The competition was 2 Porsche cars and a Tesla car (an all electric exotic sports car).  Every car had a bucket sitting in front of it.  The car with the most money in the bucket wins.  At the end of the morning the mini had more money in the bucket than the other cars.

The hard part of this was that Bill and Will had been at a Boy Scout lock-in the night before.  Will slept some, but Bill didn’t get any sleep.  He finally got some sleep at 1:30 Sat. afternoon.  They had to stay through the awards ceremony since they won.

Mission accomplished

On Monday Bill got to finish one of his projects he has had going since July.  I’m very proud of him for getting it done.  I’m anxiously awaiting the completion of the stairs that have been imcomplete for about 1 1/2 years or the remodel of my closet he bought for me 2 years ago that is still in the box.





He put new seats in the mini. 





He bought the seats in July from England.  They finally arrived about the first of Nov.  They sat in Houston a few days until the government decided to search the crate after they weren’t satisfied with the x-ray.  That cost us $200, thanks to the after affects of 9/11.    When the crate was lifted out of the ship by a crane that cost us $100.  Needless to say, these were an expensive endeaver.





At least Bill can drive the mini and have other people ride with him now.  In order to pay for his new seats he sold the old ones, so he only had one seat in it for a long time.  Now he says he can finish the stairs since the seats are out of the way.  I can’t wait.

Guess what I learned to Drive?



Yes, I learned to drive Marvin, we’ve only had the car since October 2008.   Two weeks ago Bill took me over to the church parking lot to practice.  I had to remember how to drive a standard car to begin with, then I had to remember I was on the opposite side of the car since, Marvin’s steering wheel is on the right side.


I took me more time to remember how to drive a standard then it did getting used to driving on the wrong side of the car.  Driving on the right side is not as hard as you may think.  The only gas, brake, and clutch are in the correct order, you just have to remember you are shifting with your left had and to drive to the right.


I have had a lot of fun driving it.  Last week Bill took my van and was gone to Durant, OK for 2 days so I drove Marvin instead of the truck.  I can take all the kids with me, I just can’t fit another adult.



Justin’s School Program



This was Justin a couple of weeks ago in his school program.  The program was called Destination America.  They sang about the birth places of different types of music, like Nashville for country music and Broadway shows in New York.  The music teacher was needing help with decorations so I came up with Marvin and our assistant principal’s 1978 red VW Beetle.  So Marvin got to go into the gym at school.  Bill drove it in while the students were practicing for their program and they got a big kick out of it.



More on Marvin



Mark, the previous owner of Marvin while explaining how Marvin

 got his name added that his 3 year old son was very sad that

Marvin had left.  Mark told his son that Marvin had gone to the

USA to drive on Route 66.  Mark’s son’s favorite movie, you

guessed it, is CARS.  I told Mark that we actually live very close

to Route 66 and that I would send him a picture of Marvin on

Route 66.  So when I did I explained that something odd

happened and that Marvin was changed.  



Meet Marvin & Halloween 2008


Since I didn’t write a Christmas letter for 2008, I feel this is a good outlet for things I didn’t share with family and friends.


One of the things that Bill wanted to do for a long time was own a classic Austin Mini (an old Mini Cooper).  His first experience with this car was when we went on a mission trip in 1995.  He fell in love with the car.  His gift to himself for completing his PhD in 2005 was to get a Mini.  His dream finally came true in Aug. 2008.  He purchased his Mini in Aug. 2008 off of ebay from a police officer in England.  The previous owner called the Mini, Marvin.  So the name has kind of stuck.  Arranging shipping was a little challenging, Marvin finally arrived in Savannah, GA the first part of Oct.  Marvin was supposed to arrive in Galveston, TX the week that hurricane Ike went through, so the next available port was Savannah.


Bill and Will flew to Jacksonville, FL during fall break, then rented a car and drove to Savannah.  The drove back to OK in three days.  They took it slower than normal, since they didn’t know how the car would react.  They had a great father/son bonding time.


Bill drives Marvin to school and anytime he doesn’t have to take the whole family, since we can’t all fit in it.  He already has several plans for fixing the car up.


Now the part about Halloween.  Bill has nagged me for years to make him a Dr. Evil costume, so it finally seemed the right time to make his costume.  I also made one for Mini Me.  Halloween 2008, Bill and Justin went as Dr. Evil and Mini Me and yes I made both costumes.  With this costume and Justin, Bill has won the costume contest at North High School for the third year in a row.  Someday I will post other pictures of his winning costumes.