More about the puppies.


One of the puppies we are going to keep.  We named him Rolo.




This puppy is for sale.  She is available Jan. 1st.

One of the puppies we lost.  She was just too small and never kept up with the other two.  I’m thankful for our vet, who took our calls, and isn’t into heroic effort.



I started dog sitting for my sister.  She has 4 dogs, so we are  taking care of one for her.   Little did I know that she was going to have babies.  Three to be exact.  Now I have 5 dogs!

Man’s best friend



Today was the day we had to put Butler to sleep.  He’d been having bladder problems since June.  He’s  been with our family for about 15 years.   At this time it’s been harder on Bill and I than the kids.

RIP Butler.  You were the best dog!

Is it a horse or a dog?

Sometimes he thinks he’s human by how he sits on the couch.  My sister’s dogs have been at my house for a week, she’s been on a cruise.

My parents were here off and on for a week before the dogs were here.  I don’t usually have that much company.

Pony rides $5

I watched my sister’s 4 dogs this week while she went to Wisconsin to see our family.  She has a great dane and 3 yorkies.  The great dane is now 3 years old and full grown.  We watched him 2 years ago and he wasn’t quite as big.

Jemma’s friends stopped by to see the dogs.  I decided I should have charged admission.  I can assure you that Justin didn’t spend all his time laying around with them either.  The dogs went home last night, so now I can clean up all the extra  dirt and mud they drug in.

What would a dog want for Christmas…

a new fence!  So they won’t have to see the neighbor’s grand dogs when they come to visit.

Same day, 2 different looks

It was time for Butler’s summer haircut the other day.   The cut changes his attitude.  He actually barked at Pablo the other day when Pablo tried to take the bone that Butler had left in the yard.  I wouldn’t have believed it, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes.  Butler never parks at Pablo or anyone else for that matter.

Guess who I am sleeping with now!

I am sleeping with the middle people child.  See I have proof.





I used to have to sleep in a really small crate, but now the people mom trusts me enough that I don’t have to sleep in that metal box.   So I started sleeping on the couch.


Now, I go to bed when the middle people child does, I get up when the people  dad sends me and Butler out to go to the bathroom one last time, then I sneek back upstairs and sleep all night long with the middle people child.



I have a horse in my house.



The cousin dogs are here for Thanksgiving.  This year there is also Goliath, a Great Dane.  He just walked passed the laptop I am working on and drooled, yuck!  He’s only 8 months old, so I guess he chews on everything.  Lucky me.  Jemma wants to try and ride him.  He’s tall enough to eat stuff off the counter tops.





My sister and her husband flew to WI to see my parents.  They will be back to rescue me on Sat.




 Your welcome mom.

What should I be for Halloween?

I can’t believe that the people person girl did this to me, especially when her friend was here.  It’s bad enough she dresses me up in a tutu, but at least no one else saw.  Now she has dressed me up in all these Halloween costumes, to see what I should be.  Of coure, if the people person man hadn’t bought them last year after Halloween for $.50 a piece I wouldn’t be having this problem.




Come on, give me a break.





A chicken.  Can you tell I lost part of this costume before the picture?  And Butler just sat there.  What was he thinking?





A lobster.










Army dudes, Sargent Butler and Private Pablo.  Can you see the humiliation in my face?  Notice Butler can’t even look a the camera.










Well you can vote if you want, but I am not wearing any of them.


Love, Pablo