Pillows galore


My principal wanted some pillows made for her office.  She told me a general idea and than I ran with it.  She liked them so much she didn’t leave them in her chairs like she planned.  She didn’t want anyone messing them up.

Recycle and Redesign


I made a bag from a dog food bag for a friend.  The first one I made was a sample.

IMG_20150919_120114This is what the real bag looks like.


This week my students are working on recycle and redesign projects.  I saw these at the fair.  The blue and yellow dress was made from fair ribbons turned backwards.  The dress with the orange skirt used men’s ties for the top.  I can’t wait to see what my students come up with.

Last quilt of the summer



This is the latest quilt I made.  I inherited it partially cut out and a few blocks sewn together.  I made it to wide so I couldn’t get it on my quilt frame.  My friend Jamey quilted it for me.


Jemma made what was supposed to be a cover for her ipad mini.  It came out a  little small for her ipad, but she decided she could use it for a pencil case.  She’s going to try and make another ipad cover soon.

Finished product from camp


These girls finished pajama pants at sewing camp.  They did a really great job.

It was really fun doing both camps this summer.


Another finished UFO


I don’t remember when I pieced this quilt, but I quilted it last week.  I’m glad I got a few things done for myself this summer since I feel like I spent most of my summer sewing for the ballet.


I made this quilt as a fundraiser for my FCCLA chapter at Midwest City HS.

Camp, camp, camp


I had quilt camp this week for these girls since their older siblings were at bible camp.


They finished their quilts in 6 hours over two days.  I couldn’t believe how fast they were.  I think it helped that we have sewn before.


I’ve been doing a quilt camp for these girls.  It’s been a little harder coordinating schedules with these girls.

They made pillow cases.  Next we will make pajama pants.

Ballet performance


My parents got to come and see Jemma in the ballet.  My niece, Samantha, saw her first ballet.  She liked the fabric on Jemma’s skirt, because she kept rubbing it.


Friends that have come to every ballet.


With Princess Aurora.


The white doublet is the last one I made.  This is the only picture I got of it.

While everyone was away


I was home sewing for the ballet.


I made these doublets for two of the young male dancers.


I sewed the appliques on this tutu.



I remade this jacket from a previous ballet.


I put sleeves on the three doublets on the left.  I made them for some other performance.


I didn’t sew all this the week everyone was gone, but I got a lot done.


This is where the dogs hung out while everyone was gone, under my sewing table about four feet in front of my sewing machine.



I don’t take many pictures of myself while I’m working for obvious reasons.


As I was fitting tutu’s the other day, Lisa took pictures for her facebook and instagram pages.image

Pictures are on Friday, so I will be done with these two costumes by then.


Costume help


Jemma helped me cut out a ballet costume on Saturday.  I was sewing on something else while she was cutting and as soon as she was done, I started sewing what she was working on.  She has also helped me tear out some seams.