Recipes and Good Eats

Ice cream cake


Will’s birthday was July 3rd.  He wanted an ice cream cake.  We usually get our ice cream cakes from Baskin Robins, but they closed.  So I looked at Pinterest and figured out how to make one.


I thought it turned out pretty good.  All I had to do was borrow a spring form pan.  I used two different kinds of Will’s favorite ice cream, crushed oreo cookies, cool whip, and reeses pieces on top.

Iron Chef Challenge


One of the last things I did with my class this year was an Iron Chef Challenge.  I let them choose what they wanted to cook for a panel of four judges that they decided on.

They had 1 1/2 class period to get their food plated for the judges.


Some of them choose full meals such as sliders and fries, others choose to make bruschetta, soup and sandwich, or a chocolate cream cheese cupcake.


Some  of them really enjoyed it and of course others didn’t.

The teachers that judged really enjoyed it.  The winners got to choose a food reward.  Most of them wanted krispie kreme donuts.

Latest obsession

I’ve become a big fan of Pinterest.  It’s one of those things you can spend a ton of time on.  I try to limit myself.  I pin a lot of recipes and craft ideas, but there is a lot more things you can look at on Pinterest.  I made this pizza roll last week and the kids loved it.

I didn’t see this idea on Pinterest, but I do get my creative juices flowing from a different idea I saw on Pinterest.  I have different  Valentive shirt I want to make that I did get the idea from Pinterest.

Jemma gave this shirt I made to one of her friends for their birthday.

Happy Valentines Day

Jemma and I used Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake to make these little Valentine treats.  I have a pan that will make 5 hearts at the same time.  I used my large cookie scoop to fill the hearts.  Using the scoop worked really nice and didn’t make a mess.  I keep discovering more and more uses for my large and small cookie scoop.  I use them to make muffins, sausage balls, and cookies of course.  If you don’t have one and do a lot of cooking or baking, you should invest in one.  You’d probably use them a lot.

Mom, your new cookie scoop was delivered yesterday.

Oreo + Brownies = Yum

These are Brownie dipped Oreo Cookies.  You make your favorite brownie mix following the box directions.  Then you dip an oreo cookie into the batter and put in a muffin tin.  I poured a little more brownie mix on top of each brownie.  Bake them as directed on the box, but keep an eye on them.  I also baked mine in muffin cups.  After they are done drizzle with chocolate.

Thinking ahead for Valentine’s Day.

I know Valentine’s Day is one month away, but this idea could be used for several holidays. 

White chocolate covered pretzels.  Just buy the fat pretzels and dip in white chocolate and then sprinkle with colored sugars.   Jemma helped me make them and really enjoyed doing it.

I received a jar similar to this at Halloween.  The pretzels had orange, green, and black sprinkles on them.

You could use red and pink sprinkles for Valentines Day.

Over the River and through the woods,

We are on our way to Wisconsin.  Hopefully we won’t get to much more snow while we are there.  They already have about 20 inches on the ground.

Here’s a few ideas for treats if you need some.

Mint Chocolate Bark

2 cups semisweet chocolate chips

1 cup white chocolate chips

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

1 teaspoon peppermint extract

2 drops green food coloring

Line a cookie sheet with waxed paper; set it aside.  Melt chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl.  I use my microwave 30 seconds at a time.  Pour the melted chocolate onto the cookie sheet and spread it to about 1/4 inch thickness with the back of a spoon.

Using the same method, melt the white chocolate chips with the oil.  Stir in extract and food coloring; stir well.  Pour mixture over the chocolate layer and spread to about 1/8 inch thickness with the back of a spoon.  Draw the tip of a butter knife through the layers to create swirls.  Refrigerate until firm, about 30 minutes.

Remove the bark from the pan.  Peel off the waxed paper.  Set the bark on a cutting board and cut it into 2 dozen bars with a sharp knife.  Store in airtight container in refrigerator.

Will made this candy this year.  He got a little impatient when spreading the green over the chocolate, so it didn’t come out as green.

Spritz Cookies

Justin helped me make these.  After I made up the dough, he pushed it through the cookie press and added the sprinkles before putting them in the oven.

I was very glad the boys and Jemma were willing to help make the different Christmas treats  we enjoy.

My Go to Dish!

Do you have a recipe or a certain dish that you make for a potluck or if you need to take a meal to someone?  Mine is a fruit salad.  Most of my family loves it, it’s fast to make and it tastes good.  We’ve had this for years at the Harrison Christmas.  My mom’s side of the family is the Harrison’s.

Cherry Pie Fruit Salad

1 can of cherry pie filling

1 can of pineapple tidbits

2 small cans of mandarin oranges

2-3 bananas

Drain the pineapple and mandarin oranges.  Mix in cherry pie filling.  Cut up bananas and add right before serving.  This recipe is very easy to double or triple for big events.  Jemma can make it all by herself.

One of the 6 food groups-Sugar

If you haven’t had enough sugar or butter yet, here is one of my family’s must have treats at Christmas.  It’s my mom’s recipe.

Two-Tone Fudge

2 cups packed brown sugar

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup evaporated milk

1/2 cup butter

1 jar marshmallow creme

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 cup butterscotch chips

1 cup chocolate chips

1 cup chopped nuts

Combine sugars, milk, and butter in a saucepan.  Bring to full boil over moderate heat, stir until sugar dissolves.  Boil 10 min. over moderate heat, stir occassionally.  Remove from heat.  Add marshmallow creme, vanilla and stir until mixture is smooth.  To 2 cups of hot mixture add butterscotch chips and 1/2 cup nuts.  Stir until chips melt and mixture is smooth.  Pour evenly into greased 9×13 pan.  To remaining hot mixture, add chocolate chips and 1/2 cup nuts, stir until mixture is smooth and chips are melted.  Pour evenly over butterscotch mixture in pan.  Chill until firm.


I use regular milk instead of evaporated milk, because I hate having any of the evaporated milk left over, because it’s not enough to make another batch.

If the butterscotch or chocolate chips don’t all melt, don’t worry about it.  You’ll still get all the flavor.

I don’t actually put the nuts in since Bill is allergic to them.

Flavor of Fall-Pumpkin

This is my recipe for pumpkin bread.  It makes 3 loaves at a time and OK Chick told me to post it so she could get the recipe.

3 cups sugar

1 cup salad oil

4 eggs

2 t. vanilla

3 1/2 cups flour

2 t. soda

2-3 t. salt

1 t. baking powder

1 t. cinnamon

2 t. pumpkin pie spice

2/3 cup water

2 cups pumpkin

-Combine sugar and oil in a large bowl.  Add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition.  Add vanilla.

-Sift dry ingredients together.  Set aside.

-Add dry ingredients alternately with water.  Add pumpkin.

-Pour in to 3 well-greased and floured 9x5x3″ loaf pans.

-Bake in preheated 325 degree oven for 1 hour, or until tests done.

-Remove from pans when barely warm.


-18 min. for muffins

-Makes 8, mini loafs.  Bake for 35 min.

-Add 2 cups cranberries and 1/2 t. almond extract.

-Serve with your favorite cream cheese frosting, which the original recipe calls for, but I have never done. 

-Make cream cheese filling and layer in the batter before baking.

2(3oz) cream cheese, softened

1/3 cup sugar

1 egg

1 T. flour

Beat together cream cheese, sugar, and flour.  Add egg and mix well.