Home Improvements

While I was away


When I went to WI with my sister and her children, Bill added shelves to the garage.


A lot of the things we had on the floor are now up high on shelves.

Room make over



We scraped the ceiling and painted the ceiling, and walls in Jemma’s bedroom a couple weeks ago.


Her friend Hallie helped to decorate.  I took them to two different thrift stores, so they could look for things they could repurpose.  A few things they got at Hobby Lobby on clearance.

The round circle with a “J”, they got at the thrift store.  They painted the J on it.  They also repainted a couple of picture frames.  A couple of them we already had, one they got at the thrift store.  One of the frames they made into a chalk board.


Everyone helped


Everyone helped in the spring break project.


It took everyone to hang my new light.

Justin scraped the ceilings,  Jemma helped tape off everything, Will helped with the crowne molding and several other things too, and I did all the painting.

Spring Break Project



A couple of before pictures with furniture removed.


Ceilings scraped,  ceiling and walls painted, crowne molding, new light fixture, and furniture back in.


We finished the dining room first.  Bill hung the silverware chest that was my grandma’s silverware in it.  It holds a service for 19.



We did all the same things in the sewing/office room.





I especially like my new light fixture I got at Lowes.

More finished projects on snow days.


Bill got this light hung in the hallway on a recent snow day.  The light has been missing for probably 2 years.  I finally decided on one I liked.  I’d kind of forgot we hadn’t replaced it.


I got another quilt finished.  The woman I teach with pieced this one except for the outer boarders.  I just put the boarders on, quilted it, then put the binding on.

Home improvements at an unconvenient time


We decided to refinance our house this fall.  One of the things the finance company wanted us to do was paint this bathroom that we had started pulling off the wallpaper.  We also scraped the popcorn off the ceiling.  The  color is a gray.   It’s hard to see in this picture.  This was all done over Thanksgiving.



The other thing we had to do was but new carpet in our bedroom.  We painted and scraped the ceiling a couple of years ago, but were waiting for the carpet until we had the bathroom remodeled.  We got the carpet right before Thanksgiving.  It’s a lot of work to get a room ready for carpet.

Honey do list part #2

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 117

Bill and the boys installed this light in my sewing storage room while Jemma and I were out of town.  The  tract lighting in this room had been hanging by a thread, literally for several years, after I tore the wall paper down, scraped the popcorn off the ceiling, textured and painted.  We had looked at lights a couple months ago at Lowe’s, so he knew what I wanted put up.

They also replaced the garage door opener on my side of the garage that died about 6 weeks ago.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 116

They also put a tire swing up for Jemma.  She’s been wanting one for a long time.

I need to be gone more often.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 001


On Tuesday during spring break week, Will, Justin and I tore the carpet and all the tack strips out of the living room.

Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 004

On Wednesday, Bill laid and glued 2/3 of the wood floor down.  We bought the flooring in Dec. of 2011, expecting to put it down last summer.  Then Bill started a year round job last summer and this is the first chance we had to get it down.


Spring Break GS trip and home improvements 114

Thursday, Jemma and I went out of town on a Girl Scout trip.  While we were gone, Bill and the boys finished the wood floors.  They look so great.  Now I can check that room off my to do list, since we scraped, textured and painted the room last summer.

Mom, come wash my dishes


Over the weekend, while I was in Branson, MO, Bill installed this new faucet in my kitchen.  He’s already installed it once at my mom’s house over Christmas vacation.  It didn’t work for my mom because her dishwasher has to be hooked up to the faucet and this new faucet didn’t have the proper attachment.  My mom said she would just come to my house and use her faucet at my house.

Shedding a little light



After painting the living room and hallway last summer, I’ve been in search of 4 light fixtures.  Two of them have to match, a third one needs to coordinate with the first two.  This light fixture is a stand alone.  I found it at Lowe’s about a week and a half ago for $5.  Bill came home and installed it right away.  I hope it doesn’t take me that long to get the other 3 light fixtures.  Of course I haven’t spent very much time looking either.