More Halloween festivities



Jemma helped at the carnival at church.  Justin helped too, but didn’t wear a costume.




There is also trunk or treating at the carnival at church.

Dr. Phil



I know you have been waiting on pins and needles to see what Bill is for Halloween.  He’s Dr. Phil.

The rest of the story

Halloween 2013 013

We all dressed up for Halloween.  Justin was a golfer, complete with black and white check pants and a plaid cap.  I was a minion, that goes along with Bill’s costume as Gru.  Jemma was a minion also.  Will was Professor Rowan from the card game Pokemon and Ben went as Juluis Caesar.

Halloween 2013 006

My overalls belonged to my grandpa.  This is what I remember him wearing all the time.

Halloween 2013 014

Halloween 2013 005

Ben had never been trick or treating.  They don’t do that in Germany.  We went to our friend Kathleen’s, she has a party in her house, then they went up and down her street and a couple others.

Halloween 2013, we went Dispicable Me



This is Gru from the Despicable Me movies.  Amy and Jemma will be Minions later today!





Blues Brothers

The boys decided to go as the Blues Brothers for Halloween.  Here they are helping with the trunk or treating at church.

Here is Jemma and her friends.  It was there last year to do the carnival games and trunk or treating at church.  Next year they will be helping with everything.  Jemma is a swimmer that is getting eaten by a shark.   She fell in love with the shark hat a couple of weeks ago when Bill was looking for his costume at a costume store.

Halloween 2012, He went to the bayou!

For his loyal followers, he didn’t disappoint.  If you see a man in Edmond today that looks like Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty, it’s actually Bill.


How to use crutches?

In Jemma’s case you Google it.  She learned all she needed to know on how to use crutches for her Halloween costume by looking up how to use crutches on Google.  She also practiced around the house and down the street.  I thought that was hilarious.  She also got lots of sympathy and extra candy because people thought she really injured herself.  It was just her costume.

Will decided to dress up for Halloween also.  He went to school as Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.  I had to help him do his hair that morning.  I think I did a pretty good job.  I was up a 5:40am that morning to make sure Bill and Will were both ready.

Justin dressed up as Senor Feugo.  He helped out Sunday night at church for the carnival.  He was very tired because he had just gotten back from the junior high retreat at 2:30 pm that afternoon.

It’s so easy a Caveman can do it.

Another hint

I got behind and can’t remember what number so here goes.

Bill’s character is from a commercial not necessarily from a TV show.

Hint #4

The beard has something to do with it.  (Sorry this hint is late)