Snow Days

Last hint before the reveal…..

Last hint before the reveal….. I am a math teacher so this hint is math related….. “the bottom of the pyramid!”

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is …

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … that the main colors are white and maroon.

Visitors from the very, very far north

These Mallard Ducks showed up in our yard and the yard across the street the week during  the second  storm.  There was 8 all together.

These 2 were here during the first storm.

UFO’s during the snow storms

Obviously this project has been sitting around for quite a while.  I had Will and Jemma’s frame but together, but I couldn’t find enough pictures for Justin.  Poor middle child problem, no pictures.  Last fall I was looking for something and ran across more pictures of Justin.  So during one of our snow days, Bill helped me put it together and get them on the wall.

I also got this t-shirt quilt finished for my assistant principal’s son for his birthday.  Yeah, for making money during snow storms besides shoveling snow.

Snow Day #469 or just #8

I can’t remember at this point.  I just hope they let me off for half a day for the 4th of July parade.

Getting ready to go sledding.  This picture was actually taken last week, but it could have happened this week, since it all looks the same.

Justin sledding with friends.

Jemma sledding with friends.

Ok, I’m not sure I like my new look.  I can’t get things where I want them to be.

Another Snow Day and Dreams

After getting the call at 10:00 pm last night, from Randy, that there would be no school today, I blissfully anticipated sleeping in.  That was short lived.

I woke up early after having a bad dream about work.  It’s depressing to think that I was dreaming about work when I didn’t have to work today.  I dreamt that all day long someone kept taking things off my desk.  My computer, phone, pictures, hand sanitizer, 3 different organizer things that hold important info at my finger tips, even my stapler and tape.  My principal wasn’t concerned at all since she was getting her office remodeled.

Anyone want to analyze that dream?  Ha, Ha.

Snow Day #3 check list

Read books, check

Did some sewing, check

Took a nap, check

Slept in late, check

Shoveled snow, check

Baked some yummy things, check

Had someone else organize 2 cupboards, check

Averted a near plumbing disaster because I had to water plants, check

Took pictures of the blizzard, check

Taught the kids a new card game, check

Watched movies, check

About the only things left to do is actual work, such as laundry and cleaning.   I still have more sewing to do, so I guess I could avoid the work.   We will probably try sledding today.  We haven’t gone because the weather man said to stay inside because of cold temps.  I don’t mind listening to the weather man most of the time.

Since I missed the Dec. 2009 blizzard…

I thought I better document the Feb. 2011 blizzard.  I was in Wisconsin for Christmas when the last blizzard hit.   I did manage to make it to the mailbox, but decided to take pictures through the window, since it was so cold and windy.  According to the weather man, our official snow fall at the airport was 12.1″.

Butler, our bigger dog, went around and around the tree until he felt comfortable to go to the bathroom.

This is the drift on our front porch.

This is the drift that is in the breezeway.

The drift against the house across the street.

FYI- it was the same temperature in OK today as in Wisconsin.  I’m not sure if the wind was blowing in WI though.

Everyone else blogged about it

That would be the first day of school.

Will, being in 8th grade this year didn’t want his picture taken.  He said “Auh mom!”  Justin didn’t say anything being his first day going to middle school.  Jemma was thrilled to pose.

Will and Justin are walking to school with 2 other boys, Jarrett and Casey.  They are both in 6th grade with Justin.  I didn’t panic to much this year with another one starting middle school.  I did get a little teary eyed after I took this picture, then Jemma started making fun of me so I got it together and went to work that was very distracting since the first hour was chaos.  I did get to leave my desk to eat my lunch this year on the first day of school and I don’t think I got to do that last year.

Jemma enjoyed posing for her first day of school picture in front of the school sign.

I worked 50 hours last week and this week I worked about 57 hours.  My normal week is supposed to be 37.5 hours,  Yikes!

Spring Break Highlights

My parents came for a visit and Pablo decided he liked my dad enough to take a nap with him.  Pablo takes a long time to warm up to everyone.

This is Bill and his Blackberry Upside Down birthday cake.

Justin riding on the birthday saddle at the Texas Roadhouse Restaraunt.

Justin’s chocolate chip cookie cake with matches to make up enough candles.

And the snow.