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Ben’s Story

Last hint before the reveal…..

Last hint before the reveal….. I am a math teacher so this hint is math related….. “the bottom of the pyramid!”

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is …

#5 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … that the main colors are white and maroon.

Halloween countdown #6 Hint of the TOP 7

#6 of the TOP 7 hints for 2011 is … This character is on TV!

Something new for the 2011 Costume!

As Halloween approaches our family starts to get anxious, but as from all of the inquiring as to my costume for this year it seems as if others are anxious too!  So we are going to start something new this year, each day as we get closer and closer to Halloween we will give one hint per day until the reveal in a week. 
So here is today’s #7 of the top 7 … it is sports related!

Day #2 and TWO POSTS – Take that NaySayers

Is NaySayers even a word?  Well spell check did not pick it up so it works for me. 

The Arbuckle Male Gender TOP SECRET Project is still on track for completion.

Our self imposed dead line is Thursday Night
(which technically by some definitions could be considered to be Friday Morning.) 

But by any it will be done before Amy gets home and we pick her up at 9am or 10am
(leaving here at 630)

Wish us LUCK!  We really do not need it as we Male Gender Arbuckles work well under pressure!

One of the Male Gender of The 5 Arbuckle’s here!!!!

Ok we understand where the lack of confidence in our BLOGGING capabilities is coming from, but here’s post #1 on Day #1  so right back at you!!!!

This is Day #1 of the Male Gender TOP SECRET Project in the Arbuckle Household!

That’s all we can say! 

Except that all the prep is done
and we are primed and ready for Day #2!

Stay tuned for more updates of the total chaos and dissarray

all the way to THE FINAL REVEAL!!

(we are even taking pictures)


Honors Night

Last week, Will was invited to participate in Honors night at his school.  He lead everyone in the Pledge of Allegience.

This was Will’s ackward moment for the night, the assistant principal giving him a hug.  She used to teach with Bill, so she thinks our boys are special.  She also gave every student a hug and said more to them than just congratulations.  I asked her later if she said the same thing to all the students.  She said she had something different to say to every one of them and she said what was on her heart.  She wanted each student to know how much she cared for each one of them.

P.S.  I got the computer to cooperate tonight.

Technology frustrations!

Since I haven’t posted in almost a week, I was going to post a few highlights from last week.  I don’t want anyone to think I’ve dropped off the face of the earth.  But for some reason I can’t get my pictures to upload to my blog. 

My tech guy has gone to bed for the night, so he’s no help!  Usually I’m in bed hours before he ever thinks about sleep.

Maybe I can get pictures up tomorrow.