Itchy, scratchy corn

One of the things the boys and I have done the last couple of summers for my folks is clean out the corn bin.   This was not the yuckiest job we did for them this summer.  The boys and I also cleaned out a silo that had molded oats in it.  We wore masks that people use when painting, etc to keep the dust and mold out of our lungs.

Bill gets out of doing this because he is allergic to the corn dust. 

The boys and I shovel the corn to the auger inside that pushes it to the outside auger.  Once we can’t use the auger anymore we have to shovel the corn.

Justin decided to lay in it. I don’t think he understands how much it itches.

Here’s the corn getting dumped in the outside auger.

This is the outside auger dumping the corn in the trailer that my dad uses to haul corn to town to sell.

Since Bill couldn’t help with this activity, he was my mom’s handman.  He finished up the electical, tile and hanging towel bars and shower curtains in my parents second bathroom they had remodeled right before we got there.