Cousins, WI and friends



We spent 5 days with my family in WI after we left SD.  We had a wiener roast and then set off some fireworks.  It was cold the whole time we were in WI.  It only got over 70 degrees one day we were there.  If  it doesn’t warm up the rest of July, they will have the 2nd coldest July on record.  The coldest being 1891 or 1892, whichever year they started keeping records.  My parents, my brother, his wife and 2 boys plus my family are in this picture.





This is my dad feeding his bull and cows some corn.





This is a different group of cows he is feeding. 





These calves were very interested in me taking their picture.





This is one of my dad’s bulls.  Jemma said they were buff.





This is my dad’s dog Tobey with Jemma.





We went to a small local lake one day and went canoeing.  This is Will in the back with Jemma and my older sister.





Bill and Justin did some fishing with my nephew.  My nephew caught 4 fish, but he threw them all back in. 





This is my sister and I canoeing.  Jemma enjoyed the ride, she went out in the canoe 3 times.





This is my nephew and Justin taking the canoe up stream to take it out of the water.





Jemma spent some time catching tadpoles.





This is my older sister and me.





There was an Amish family having a picnic and fishing at the lake when we were there.





We also saw my nephew play baseball.  This is right before he hit a homerun.  He plays in a 12 and under league.  During the game he pitched, played 1st base, short stop and outfield.





On our way home we stopped in Wichita, KS and had supper with some friends from college.  Our Will is holding baby Will, and Sophie is standing in front of Jemma.   Jemma had a lot of fun coloring and playing with Sophie while we waited on our food.

2 Responses to Cousins, WI and friends

  • Kelly T says:

    Love the pic of the kids. Too bad everyone can’t see how squirly Will was about holding Will. =O)

    Hey, can you email me that picture full size, please? It was so great to see you guys!!

  • Rachel says:

    That last picture makes me really wish we lived closer to you guys. Alaska feels so far away with pictures like that. Wish our kids were closer to all of yours.
    And I find it interesting that WI is having their second coldest summer on record. Didn’t anyone tell them that we’re supposed to be having global warming?

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