Ice cream cake


Will’s birthday was July 3rd.  He wanted an ice cream cake.  We usually get our ice cream cakes from Baskin Robins, but they closed.  So I looked at Pinterest and figured out how to make one.


I thought it turned out pretty good.  All I had to do was borrow a spring form pan.  I used two different kinds of Will’s favorite ice cream, crushed oreo cookies, cool whip, and reeses pieces on top.

2 Responses to Ice cream cake

  • Robin says:

    YUmmm! Very pretty too! I just realized they closed when I drove by there the other day. Can’t say I kept them in business – I think I only went in there a couple of times even though i love ice cream! I love blonde brownies more.

  • Mimi says:

    Hard to believe Will is 19!

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