Meet Marvin & Halloween 2008

Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Marvin

Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Marvin


Since I didn’t write a Christmas letter for 2008, I feel this is a good outlet for things I didn’t share with family and friends.


One of the things that Bill wanted to do for a long time was own a classic Austin Mini (an old Mini Cooper).  His first experience with this car was when we went on a mission trip in 1995.  He fell in love with the car.  His gift to himself for completing his PhD in 2005 was to get a Mini.  His dream finally came true in Aug. 2008.  He purchased his Mini in Aug. 2008 off of ebay from a police officer in England.  The previous owner called the Mini, Marvin.  So the name has kind of stuck.  Arranging shipping was a little challenging, Marvin finally arrived in Savannah, GA the first part of Oct.  Marvin was supposed to arrive in Galveston, TX the week that hurricane Ike went through, so the next available port was Savannah.


Bill and Will flew to Jacksonville, FL during fall break, then rented a car and drove to Savannah.  The drove back to OK in three days.  They took it slower than normal, since they didn’t know how the car would react.  They had a great father/son bonding time.


Bill drives Marvin to school and anytime he doesn’t have to take the whole family, since we can’t all fit in it.  He already has several plans for fixing the car up.


Now the part about Halloween.  Bill has nagged me for years to make him a Dr. Evil costume, so it finally seemed the right time to make his costume.  I also made one for Mini Me.  Halloween 2008, Bill and Justin went as Dr. Evil and Mini Me and yes I made both costumes.  With this costume and Justin, Bill has won the costume contest at North High School for the third year in a row.  Someday I will post other pictures of his winning costumes.

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  • Kelly T says:

    Very cute costumes. I LOVE the car. I’ll make sure to show Ben tonight – I know he’ll be jealous.

  • Mark Malyan says:

    Hi just found your website when I was deleting some old emails…great to see that Marvin is still going strong and looks as if you are enjoying him as much as I did…I have been bitten by the bug again and have just bought a 1988 mini 1000, its in a bit of a state at the moment but Im hope to have him on the road soon.

    All the best Mark

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