Public transportation


We rode the bus some while we were in Brazil.  We were never by ourselves.


The first Sunday web were in Brazil, our kids went with the youth group out to eat and then to the new Transformers movie.  After that they rode the bus to Campo Grande to church.  Jemma loved the ride but, they boys hated it.  Someone gave their seat up four Jemma and the boys had to stand for a 20-30 min. bus ride.  They also stood really close to others so they complained about the lack of personal space.


This is Murilo,  he was a street kid until he found Christ.  He made sure our kids made it to Campo Grande to church after the youth activity.




Jemma always took a selfie when a she rode the bus.

By the  last day we were there, I figured out the stops so we could have gotten to church by ourselves if we needed to.


One day we took a taxi twice.  It was comparable in price to 5 bus tickets.  It was just that the bus didn’t go where we needed to go.


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