Camp, Camp, Camp

I’ve been much busier than I wanted to be this week.  I sent  Will to Colorado for Boy Scout camp, I’m taking Justin to Cub Scout camp for 8:15am until 3:00pm and then I take Jemma to Girl Scout Twi-light camp from 5:00 to 9:00pm.  I’m in charge of the Brownie part of girl scout camp that is why I am there so long.  The temperatures this week have been above 95.  Some one told me the heat index was 105 today.   I’m to tired at night to watch the weather, so I don’t know how warm it actually is.  If it wasn’t for the wind, I would probably be cooked by now.  Below is pictures of camp with Justin and Jemma.  When Will gets home on Saturday, if he remembered to take any pictures, I will post what he did at camp.


Justin’s camp is out in the middle of no where (Logan county).  It takes me 35 minutes to get there.  At least Jemma’s camp is at one of the parks here in town.



This is Justin working on a totem in crafts.





This is Justin right before the nature hike.





This is Justin on the water slide.








This is Justin shooting a BB gun.





This is Jemma participating in a flag ceremony.









2 Responses to Camp, Camp, Camp

  • Marilyn says:

    I didn’t realize all 3 kids were in camps this week, plus you’re helping out – no wonder you’re so busy!

  • Suzanne says:

    Hi Amy! I’m glad you found my blog.. and I found yours! Sounds like it’s been crazy busy around your house!! Have a good weekend!

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