Brazilian food experience #136

IMG_20140724_210251After the bible study on Thursday at the church, we went and ate at a pizza buffet.  From left to right around the table, Allen, Robin, Laura( who is 15) Will, Justin, Tyler( who is 17), Jemma, Amy and Bill. IMG_20140724_213155They had a ton of different kinds of pizza.  This was my favorite, shredded zucchini and tomatoes. They don’t put very much tomato sauce in the pizzas at this restaurant.


This was a dessert pizza.  It was pineapple.  Some of the kinds they served were, beef stroganoff, corn, filet mignon, shrimp, broccoli, salmon, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, chicken, sausage (Brazilian style), tuna, 4 cheese, arugala, spinach, and lots of others.


Then there was dessert pizza.  Chocolate with strawberry, chocolate, strawberry ice cream pizza, dulce de leche, vanilla ice cream pizza, and caramelized banana.  Can’t think of any others.

IMG_20140724_214310The boys loved it.  They brought all the pizza to us,  instead of going to it like at CiCi’s.


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