Grupos de C.A.S.A #1

IMG_20140722_195254 There is nine bible study groups that meet every week.  They are led by members of the Guanabara church of Christ.  This one met in a suburb of Campinas, called Cosmopolis. This one met in a very nice garage.

The older couple in this picture own the business where it was held.  Their names are Josemarie and Maeri.

Allen Dutton is sitting next to them.  He actually led the study that night. IMG_20140722_195322   The gentleman in the yellow shirt and his wife to his right are visitors.  This is their second or third time to attend.  They have been to church twice. IMG_20140722_195330   The bible studies have been meeting for 2 years.  They started off with 5 groups and now they have 9.   IMG_20140722_195345


The kids didn’t go with us this night due to transportation issues.  Robin didn’t like to drive if there isn’t any street lights and it was a ways to get out there and no street lights.

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