Our bible class took up a collection of money for us to bring things to the orphanage.  We brought bubbles, side walk chalk, clothes, hats, match box cars, beanie babies, and many other things.  The director of the orphanage is on the far left.



One of the things we brought for the boys is wash clothes that are in a tight ball and when u put them in water they expand to a regular size wah  clothe.    They really enjoyed watching them “grow”.



The little boy that Jemma is talking to is going to be adopted soon!  I was holding the same little boy in the top picture.




The little boy with the glasses loved Justin.  He is probably going to go live with his grandma along with his 2 sisters.  He saw his dad kill his mother, very sad story.


Justin and Jemma enjoying some futbol ( soccer).


This boy is using the bubbles as a soccer ball.



This is some of the other kids after they got home from school and one of the workers.


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