A 4 wheeler adventure and running out of gas


One of the days we were on the farm Jemma and I took off on my dad’s 4 wheeler.  I’ve never driven this one, and haven’t driven one in several years.  We decided to take a selfie to document our ride.  You just can’t see the 4 wheeler.


We are waiting for my dad to come by with his hay rake.


We spent a while watching this doe.  My dad said he thought she had a baby close, so we started looking for the baby when the doe ran off.


After a short search, Jemma found the fawn.  As we step closer, the fawn jumped up and ran away.

We took off on the 4 wheeler to tell my dad that we found the fawn, but we ran out of gas.  He gave us a ride on his tractor to the house to get more gas.

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