My sisters Pioneer Woman moment


When we were in WI, we helped give the calves their vaccinations.   My younger sister is a nurse so, I let her, my brother and my dad give all the shots and I just pushed calves through the chute.  That’s my niece Samantha hanging out in the feed bunk.


Here are some of the calves before we gave them their shots.


This is my younger brother putting ear tags that have medicine on them to prevent flies from bothering the calves.


This was my view of pushing the calves through the chute.  I didn’t get kicked or that dirty.  Always good things.


Jemma kept up with my sister’s kids.  Samantha is 3 1/2 and Tripp is 13 months.


More prep work with my sister, mom, dad and brother.


We got a 30 min. break at one point because we ran out of one vaccine, so my mom took a picture of 3 out of 4 siblings.


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