Last Supper


One of the last big thing we did while Ben was here, was take him to the German Restaurant in Choctaw.


All our meals came with a salad.   There was green beans, and some type of relish on it.  It was a little different.


Will and Justin had a brat, the rest of us had some type of schnitzel.   Jemma and I shared the chicken.  Bill had the pork.  Everyone had mashed potatoes and a red cabbage salad.  It kind of had a vinaigrette dressing on it.


We shared some dessert that night.  We never do that, but Ben wanted us to see how authentic everything was.  The cake is black forest, the pie shape was an apple thing, the third one had a custard and cherries in it.


Will and Justin had a contest to see how many stines of water they could drink.



Justin won by drinking 3, Will drank 2 1/2.

Ben thought it was pretty good German food for OK.  The food was more of a representation of the Bavaria area of German, not Dresden where Ben is from.

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  • Robin says:

    Interesting – we’ve never been out there. I wasn’t real impressed with the food when I went to Germany years ago…I’m sure they aren’t impressed with American cooking either!

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