Guess what I learned to Drive?



Yes, I learned to drive Marvin, we’ve only had the car since October 2008.   Two weeks ago Bill took me over to the church parking lot to practice.  I had to remember how to drive a standard car to begin with, then I had to remember I was on the opposite side of the car since, Marvin’s steering wheel is on the right side.


I took me more time to remember how to drive a standard then it did getting used to driving on the wrong side of the car.  Driving on the right side is not as hard as you may think.  The only gas, brake, and clutch are in the correct order, you just have to remember you are shifting with your left had and to drive to the right.


I have had a lot of fun driving it.  Last week Bill took my van and was gone to Durant, OK for 2 days so I drove Marvin instead of the truck.  I can take all the kids with me, I just can’t fit another adult.



3 Responses to Guess what I learned to Drive?

  • Marilyn says:

    I think I’d get all confused not only driving on the right side, but having to shift with my left hand too! I saw a blue mini almost like Marvin when Wesley and I were on our walk this morning and I thought of you guys!

  • Rachel says:

    You look a little surprised with yourself in that last picture, but I’m not surprised that you did it. Good job. I know I can’t drive a standard. Shawn’s even tried to teach me.

  • Lindsy says:

    Such a cool car! If I ever win the lottery, I might have to get one to match you guys. We’d rule the neighborhood.

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