Dairy Breakfast


June is Dairy Month, so the county my parents live in have a Dairy Breakfast the first Sat. in June.  Jemma is in line to get a plate and holding my nephew Tripp.  I attended this event many times as a kid.  Vernon County has been hosting a dairy breakfast since 1978.


We were served scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage links, cottage cheese, cheese curds, sliced cheese and milk.   Then they brought ice cream around.  Jemma thought that was the best thing in the world to get ice cream for breakfast.  After we were done eating, we had to look under our plate for a sticker and if you had a sticker, you got a door prize.  I found a sticker under my plate, then I had to make a decision of what to get as a door prize.   There was lots of t-shirts, and caps.  I choose a t-shirt that says something about America’s Dairyland.


I took my sister and her two kids to WI to see my parents and grandma.  Here we are eating breakfast in a big pole shed.


This is how they make the pancakes to feed 2500-3000 people.


They cook the food in the host family’s garage.


The pole shed where we ate was decorated with quilts.


After breakfast you can tour the barn where the cows are milked.


Then we went into the barn where the baby calves live.



They also had other farm animals to pet.



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