A different look at soccer.


Justin received his letter for JV soccer.  It was an interesting season.  I think Justin was trying to figure out how to play with a new set of guys and it didn’t come easy.  He played jv1 and jv2 games along with his club soccer team.


Here’s Coach Lovett the varsity coach giving his remarks.  He goes to church with us and is one of the best coaches at communicating with the parents.  Almost everyday during the season he sent an email and a push notice through text messaging.  He made the boys all sign up for the push notices through text messaging too.  One of the challenges was that the jv1 and jv2 teams practiced on a field about a mile from the school.



These are the guys who play on the club team and jv teams with Justin.  He has been playing with these guys for about 6 or 7 years.

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  • Robin says:

    That is so great that you know the coach! I guess it could make it hard, too. We struggled with Dee playing both competitive and school soccer. Two totally different things!

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