Another art quilt and I don’t make art quilts

008This is the finished product from the teachers at Orvis Risner Elementary.   It went for $650 at our fundraiser auction.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 100

Each grade level worked on their own block.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 085

The teachers cut out small pieces of fabric, then glued them down on eagles that I had were traced onto the blue background.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 088

I then took each block and sewed a layer of white netting over the top to keep any pieces from falling off.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 087

Then I sashed the blocks and quilted it.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 092

Everyone snacked on chips, salsa, and queso from Alfredo’s as they worked.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 099

Here’s what one of the blocks looked like up close.

Amy's phone 5-19-2014 193

This is what it looks like hanging in our office.





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