Some place special in OK

Spring 013

Over spring break we went and explored the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  We have never been there and thought it would be a good Oklahoma experience to share with Ben.  To get this picture, Bill set the camera on the van and then set the timer. Though he failed many times to get it; It didn’t turn out to bad.

Spring 014

There’s lakes.

Spring 017

There’s longhorn cattle.

Spring 021

Prairie Dogs

Spring 043


Spring 023

Rocks to climb on.

Spring 030

We had some friends from Chickasha come and climb around on Mt. Scott with us.

Spring 032

Spring 025s

Spring 041

We had lunch on the patio in Medicine Park, OK.

Spring 038

Medicine Park is made up of all these man made round rocks.   Most of the houses use the same rocks for the exterior.

2 Responses to Some place special in OK

  • Robin says:

    I’m shocked you haven’t ever been with all your scouting adventures! It is a great place. Next time you will have to check out the Holy City and Meers!

  • MsAmy says:

    Robin, We drove to Meers and the line to eat was to long, but I did take a picture of the place. We also did do the Holy City, Just didn’t look at my pictures good enough.

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