Prom and banquets

009 Will took Caitlyn to the prom a couple of weeks ago.  According to Will they had a good time.  He decided he wanted to buy a suit instead of renting a tux.  We were fine with that.  We couldn’t find a coral colored tie at the store we were at, so he had looked up on Google before we got to the store to find out complimentary colors.  His tie is actually a combination of all those colors; black, silver, gray and white. I bought his corsage for Caitlyn at Betty Lou’s flower shop in Norman.  My friend Devonne’s parents own it.  Devonne and I took our girls scouts camping in Norman Friday night, so we went and picked it up after hours since Devonne has a key.  When we go to the shop about 8:00 pm the corsage was the wrong color, it was pink.  I didn’t know what to do.  The flower shop isn’t open on Sat.  Jemma had to be back to Edmond by 9:45 am and what flower shop in Edmond would make a corsage on prom Sat.  Well Devonne came to the rescue and made a brand new one.  She used to make them a lot 20 years ago, but she felt like it took her forever to make.  I didn’t think it took her that long.  She made it the old fashion way by wrapping all everything with the green tape then putting it together.  The new way of making corsages is by using some kind of glue.  She made an off white one instead and it was beautiful.


The same night as prom, Ben went to the OCA banquet with Connie.  It was at the Red Round Barn in Arcadia.  They had played carnival games and had a nice dinner.  After that banquet they went to a girls house and learned to line dance in her barn.  He had a lot of fun.

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  • Robin says:

    Oh, your adventures! That color thing is hard – I’ve learned if you don’t tell the flower shops specifically or pick out the colors and ribbons yourself, you will be surprised!

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