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All the 4th graders at school have to do a state report.  They address letters to each state’s tourism department and request information about the state.  The information is then mailed back to the school.  Justin drew Delaware out of the hat.  He made a presentation board with the info he got in the mail and also on line.  Then they all set up in the gym and present their info as most of the rest of the school, parents and administration pass by.  Justin could really sell the state of Delaware.  The thing that is hanging around his neck is the push to talk button.  You push his button he will tell you about his state.





Here is his presentation in his own words.


The state capital is Dover or I like to say Dover,Rover,Mcgrover.

State tree is american holly.State flower is peach blossem.State animal is the Horsehoe crab.population 783,600.

state motto and state bird is liberty and Independence,the blue hen chicken.

The population is 783,600.I made a book about Delaware.State animal is the horse shoe crab.



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