Pillows and shirts


This is a pillow I recently made for one of Jemma’s friends.  It was her birthday and she recently got a room makeover, so these are her new colors.  I’m kind of afraid not to make something homemade for their birthdays, in case they are expecting it.


This is the start of a pillow my mom and I made for my grandma for Christmas.  We didn’t get a picture of the finished pillow.  It is the inspiration for the one above.

Christmas 2013 120

These are the shirts I made for my niece and nephew for Christmas.  I usually make Christmas shirts, but didn’t know if my sister cared if I made them Christmas shirts, well she did.  She put off seeing Santa, waiting for the Christmas shirts I usually make for her kids.   She invited me along to see Santa after I didn’t make Christmas shirts and we waited for 2 hours to see Santa.  I thought I was done waiting to see Santa.

Christmas 2013 121

This is the shirt I made for my niece for her birthday.

Christmas 2013 117


This is a shirt I made for Jemma over the break.

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