Dress, Sweets and Service


Jemma has been particpating in the 7th grade cotillion through her school.  The dance was Friday night.  The dress was supposed to be Sunday dress, but after the boys went through this program I knew that the girls usually wore pretty fancy dresses.


So I made her dress.  I’ve had the fabric for a couple of years and invisioned making a Christmas dress out of it for her.  The fabric is basically a brocade, with velveteen being the raised part of the fabric.  It’s hard to explain the fabric and I didn’t take a picture of it up close.  She picked the buttons out  for the waist band.


The next morning she read a poem at Sweets and Service at church.  My friend Robin over at the WaWaWaugh’s blog asked Jemma to read the poem and she was very excited to do it.


Sweets and Service is where the ladies of our church make small crafts and takes goodie bags to the nursing home.  We made door hangers out of card stock and decorated them to say Ho, Ho, Ho or Let  it Snow.


Here she is helping hang the door hangers at the nursing home along with another little girl from church.  While we were there we also sang some Christmas carols.

We missed this event last year because she was performing in the Nutcracker and she was very upset.  I’m so proud of her for wanting to help out and serve others.

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