The 1st Thanksgiving


I can’t speak to what happened the first Thanksgiving in America that took place in 1629 or something like that.  But I can tell you about the first Thanksgiving for Ben in America.


We took Ben to particpate in Thanksgiving Day in the City with MRCC.  Our family got promoted this year to turkey prep.  We were very excited to have a new job.  For the last several years we have prepared the containers to accept the food.


The turkeys were already cooked, we just had to hand pick all the meat off the bones after the turkey breasts had been cut off.  Someone told us we made it to the Big Dance when you do turkey prep.


Will didn’t actually pick the meat off the bones.  Mickey Banister, one of our elders, taught Will how to run the slicer.  I’m happy to report that Will still has all his fingers.


After we were done with turkey prep, we helped fill the food cartons for delivery.


We also helped deliver 65 meals to Edmond Hospital.  We did that last year also.


After our delivery we played a game while we were waiting for lunch to be served.

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