The tale of 2 new throwns and an urgent care visit


A couple of weeks ago this toilet started leaking.  After three tries, we finally bought the right toilet to fit.  For some reason it was a funny size and we had to special order it.  The other problem we had was, whoever put in the previous toilet, had grouted it to the floor along with the tile.  We had to break the toilet in order to get it out.


One of the toilets we bought fit the boys bathroom so we decided to go ahead and put it in their bathroom.

amys phone 10-22-13 003

Bill decided to let Will break up the old toilets in the dumpster with a hammer.  Some of the broken toilet flew up and hit Will’s hand and cut it pretty bad.  I was in Liberal , KS at the time.  They were texting me trying to decide what to do.  I recommended going to urgent care.

The Dr. at urgent care decided to use glue to hold the skin in place.  He said it was a good idea that we took him in.

His middle knuckle is healing well, the right one is taking longer.

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