I think I’m finished?


As I mentioned in a previous post, Will got the part of Capt. Hook in the play Peter Pan at school.   I asked the director if I could barter sewing for the performance fee and she was very excited.  I made three Indian costumes and thought I was done.  Sat. morning Will calls me at 9:00 and says that he has volunteered me to help sew for the play that day, how soon can I get there.  He forgot to tell me the night before.  He  is usually really good about telling me things like this.  I was up at school from 10:00-2:30 helping out.

At 9:30 Sat. night Will calls me and asks if he brings home one more thing if I can do it.  I said I could.  The above dress for Wendy, I sewed on the top ribbon and one along the hem during the sewing session during the day and he brought it home to sew 2 more rows of ribbon on the bottom.  I may be done, or he might bring me home some more tomorrow, we’ll see.

I’m hopeing to get pictures of the costumes I’ve made later this week.

The play is this weekend, Thurs, Friday, and Sat. evening starting at 7:00pm.  It runs a little over an hour and is family friendly.

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