Plan C

CC and MRCC retreat 017

Plan A:  Everyone ride the bus that left the church at 4:00 pm for the Jr. high and Sr high retreat at Quartz Mt.

CC and MRCC retreat 014

Plan B:  I went to Norman on Friday afternoon to see Justin run cross country at 3:00 pm and Jemma run at 4:30 pm.  I was going to leave from Norman with Justin, Jemma and Jaydn and drive straight to Quartz Mt.  Bill, Will and Ben were going to ride the bus that was supposed to leave church at 4:00.

CC and MRCC retreat 027

Plan C:  Bill and Ben ride the bus that actually left the church at 4:40.  Got back from Norman at 5:50 pm with Justin and Jemma.  Waited for Will to get done with call backs for the school play that were from 4-6 pm.  He actually got done at 6:50.  Picked Jadyn up and left Edmond at 7:15 pm.  We got to Quartz Mt. about 9:45 pm.

It was a fun and tireing weekend for everyone.

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