Will’s Spring Concert




This is Will singing at the 6th grade spring concert.  The songs were all songs from the 70’s.  It was fun listening to songs that I grew up with like YMCA, songs from Queen, and also theme songs from TV shows.  He knew all the words to songs I wish I could do more than just mumble.  He really enjoys singing. 




Here they are singing Car Wash.




Here he is singing his solo; there’s mud on your face, a big disgrace, kicking your can all over your face, singing we will, we will rock you, by Queen.  We tried to upload video of his solo, but we couldn’t get it to work.

2 Responses to Will’s Spring Concert

  • Rachel says:

    Will’s solo sounds pretty much PERFECT for him. I cracked a smile just thinking about him singing those words.
    He sure is growing up fast. He doesn’t look much like the little 3 year old that I met ages ago. (or maybe he was still two when we met)

  • Gena says:

    Okay, they have been doing that same 6th grade program (at the same school) since 1989 when I was in 6th grade. Theme songs, Chiquita banana, Oscar Meyer, and Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Sounds like his teacher has a slightly edgier taste than mine did…..

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