Gone, Gone, Gone

Labor Day 2013 032
This spring, this tree had a few leaves on it.  After a few weeks we could tell it had died.

Labor Day 2013 033

My brother Kent, who was here from WI for the weekend, climbed the tree to get most of the branches down.

Labor Day 2013 034

My dad, who was also here for the weekend, cut the branches up smaller and helped pull the tree down in the right direction when it was ready to cut the trunk down.  Will, Justin, and Ben hauled the branches to the street to be picked up later.

Labor Day 2013 038

One of our neighbors said that if we had to hire someone to cut the tree down, it would have cost $500.

Labor Day 2013 037

Bill is allergic to trees and if he touches them or leaves his hands start to swell.  I’m greatful my dad and brother could take the tree down for us.

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