Bye-Bye Coaching Hello College Life.

Since the completion of my degree in 2005 I have phased out of coaching and into teaching at the college level as an Adjunct Prof.  I have realized that this is what I really would like to do full time.  I enjoy not only the students at this level but also the challenge of higher levels of Math. 


I do think however that I would be perfectly content teaching as I am at both levels.  Some of my most memorable moments at the college level has been having ex-students of mine from the high school and even the middle  school that I have taught before in my college courses.  The most encouraging thing is that not only do they want to be in my class again and actually look for my name but they are usually some of the best students in the class.  At the high school I currently teach at I feel that at times I do not get the credit I deserve from my colleagues or building principals but when students want to be in your class again because they actually learned something it means a lot. 


I would love to teach full time at OC in the future.  OC is where I received my Bachelors degree in 1991.  As of now there are no openings but at the university level it is all timing.  For now I am teaching adjunct at UCO, here in Edmond also, and where I received my Masters in 1998.

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