I met a holocaust survivor.

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This is  Rosa.  She is a holocaust survivor from Romania.  She now lives in Dallas and volunteers at the holocaust museum there.  She is in her 90’s and still exercises every day.  She shared her story at a conference I went to this summer.  Her entire family died as soon as they got to the concentration camp.  The only reason she didn’t is because she got back on the train to get a scarf.

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This is Cor.  He lived in Holland and helped hide Jews during the holocaust.  He met Anne Frank’s dad after the war and he also met Hitler’s secretary.  His story was also amazing.


The conference I went to was at the Gaylord Texan.  The conference I went to was Rachel’s Challenge.  Rachel was the first person to be killed in the Columbine school shooting in Columbine, CO.  Her vision was for everyone to be kind to one another and to pass on the kindness to everyone.  The middle schools in Edmond started the program last year, and most of the high schools and elementary schools are starting it this year.  If you want to learn more about Rachel’s Challenge go to www.rachelschallenge.org


The atruim itself was huge.  It had all kinds of exotic plants, a river running through it, a toy train track that ran and several restaraunts.


That’s my principal taking her picture with the human statue.


One night we ate at a barbeque place called Number 8.  (I think that’s what it was called.  That’s the bad thing about not blogging about stuff right away.)  They had guys outside in a covered and screened in porch grilling, and smoking whatever meat you chose.  Then you ordered it by the pound, half pound or 1/4 pound.  Then you went down the line kind of a caferteria style to pick up your sides.  It was really good.


One of the featured speakers at this conference was Kyle Maynard.  He is the guy in the middle with a striped shirt on.  He was born with arms that end at his elbow and legs that end at his knees.  He is a champion high school wrestler from Georgia and has done amazing things with his life, such a climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.

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  • Robin says:

    Wow, what a great way to motivate you at the start of a school year! Love it. Just a tip about your restaurant – I’m a big Tripadvisor fan – real reviews by real people. You can go on their website and search for your place, then click on restaurants recommended in that area. Probably someone has reviewed it and you could find it again. I post on there a lot just for fun, and it’s my goto website whenever we travel.

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