Coke and M&M’s


One of the fun things Bill and I did together while we were in Las Vegas was go to the Coke and M&M’s stores.  I’ve been to the Coke Museum in Atlanta GA and really enjoyed it.  There is only 4 M&M’s stores in the world.


This was half the wall of the choices of M&M’s offers for sale.


The store was 4 stories high.  They had an interactive theater that had a show that was about 15 min. long.  We sat and watched it with a bunch of little kids and their families.


We taste tested different Coke products they sell around the world.  We tried some really wierd flavors.  There is only one that I liked and finished.


This is us enjoying our tast test.


I was amazed at the terrain as we flew into Las Vegas.


There just wasn’t any vegitation.


There was some really neat looking McDonald’s in Las Vegas.


This McDonald’s was on the second floor of this building.  We didn’t eat at either one.  There was to many other choices.


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