Inside and Outside


I thought I should take pictures of our hotel room since Pioneer Woman does.


There was a TV in the bathroom, but you couldn’t see it if you were taking a bath.  I forgot to take pictures of the rest of our room.  There was a huge sitting area with a sectional couch and 2 big screen TV’s.  One for the sitting area and one for the beds.



This was one of the lobbies inside our hotel.


This is a waterfall inside the hotel.

Another lobby area with unbelievable paintings.


This is the ceiling in the lobby on the way to the shopping area.


This was the ceiling in the area where the shops were.


This was the inside La Village Buffet restaraunt in the Paris Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.


Another picture inside the restaraunt.


This is a replica of the Effiel tower at the Paris resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  There was a restaraunt somewhere at the top you could eat at.


This is the covered area for pick up and drop off at the hotel and a huge fountain just beyond that.  I was amazed at how big everything was and how many people there were on the streets all the time.

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