Free Entertainment


At night the Mirage Hotel has a volcano that erupts.  I don’t know the schedule when it happens, we just happened to be walking by.


The Bellagio Hotel has a water fountain show at night.  Once again we walked by at the right time.


Every afternoon while we were there, these ladies walked around, or would just stand and act like a manequin.  The head pieces they were wearing looked so heavy.  I don’t know how they could handle it.  I think they were out and about for at least an hour at a time.  They wore masks, so we didn’t seem them grimace in pain if they needed to.


This was the living ivy.  It was interesting watching them move with stilts and arm extensions.  They spent a lot of time hugging the walls.

There was also musicians dressed like they were from the Victorian era.  I didn’t get to hear them play because they were always going the opposite direction we were going.

We also went to a show while we were there.  That wasn’t free, but was fun because it was music from our high school years.


They would also sit in this box that looked like a picture frame.


This girl had a table setting on her head that included a plate, silverware, glass, etc.


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