Pawn Stars


Bill had a Blackboard Conference in Las Vegas last week.  He knew about this in March, so I planned to go along with him.  The one thing he really wanted to do was go to the Pawn Shop that is featured on the TV show Pawn Stars.


He even took things with him to sell.  He actually made $70.  He sold some match box cars in the original boxes that were made in the 50’s or 60’s.  One car he took was worth $100, but we brought it home since they would only give us $50 for it.



The shop doesn’t seem as big as it does on TV.  None of the guys that are on the show were there when we were there.  They take a break from filming in July and August because of the temps.  It was 105 the day we went to the pawn shop.  We went in the morning so it wasn’t as hot.  The shop has between 5,000 and 7,000 visitors a day since they are on TV now.  The show airs on the History channel on Thurs. nights.

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