Fire and marshmallows

WI 2013 014

This is the men making the fire for our bonfire and weiner roast we have every summer we go to the farm in WI.  My brother is on the far left, then Justin, my dad, Bill, Mason my nephew, Will and my nephew Ethan.

WI 2013 019

Of course smores where on the menu.

WI 2013 016

WI 2013 028

This is all the cousins together except for the oldes who is 19 and the youngest who is 8 weeks, both boys.  Jeremy is to the left of Will.  He wasn’t there to help build the fire.

WI 2013 031

Samantha is being a tickle monster to her grandad.

WI 2013 036

Sitting around and enjoying the fire.


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  • Robin says:

    Awww, they are really growing up – I guess I don’t have to remind you to enjoy these times – ’cause the times they are a changin’ ! 🙂

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