Memorial Day Rememberance



 Friday afternoon, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts were invited to put flags on the graves of the service men and women at our local cemetery.  The man in charge had planned for this to take 4 hours, but so much help showed up, everyone was done within an hour and a half.  Our whole family got the chance to serve together.




 I really enjoyed doing this, it reminded me of when I was in middle school and high school bands.  My hometown had a Memorial day parade and then a program at the cemetery.  During the program the band would play a couple of patriotic songs,  a high school student would read “Flanders Field” and at the end Taps would be played.  My brother got to play Taps a couple of times.  It was a nice way to remember our service men and women who have served and remember those who payed the ultimate price for our freedom.









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  • Mimi says:

    What a nice way to help honor veterans. Nice to see this tradition passed down to the next generation.

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